Friday, July 8, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Power Troubles

A power outage last night prevented me from starting my planned music series. I phoned the special power outage hotline to see what was happening and this is the message I got:

Thank you for calling the Sask Power power outage hotline.
We are aware of a power outage in Regina City and rural. Technicians have been dispatched to find the source of the outage. A current estimated time of power restoration is not available. If you have any information regarding the cause of the power outage, please call....

What? If I have information? That's why the hell I was calling you! Official cause, in the end, was an animal wandering into some transformer thingy.

In any case the power was out for a couple hours and so you 'll have to settle for a half-assed music-related post. Blaq got me thinking about and listening to Dub-Step today so I'd simply like to add this to the day's musical pot:

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