Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear Mythic: Go Fuck Yourself

Just when I thought Mythic and my once-favorite game Warhammer had lost the power to affect me, this ridiculous, childish, bullshit rears its ugly head. You've invited a few select bloggers to tell them you're big news? Holy Christ almighty, are we in 4th grade? All the popular kids get to hear the whisper but the rest of the world is unworthy? In the words of Bart Simpson: Get Bent.

I'm so annoyed, frustrated, and angry I want to sub so I can un-sub to show them how stupid they are. How do you run a business like this? Secrets, innuendo's and soon-to-come promises? Is that in the corporate model? You're running a game, not inventing the cure for cancer or securing national interests.

Moreover, shame on all of you for letting them treat you, the paying customer, like this. I know I have insulted some of my readers here, but come on- how much abuse do you have to take before you walk away from such appalling customer service? Oh, what's that, a dead rat on my pizza? Oh darn, I really like this pizza- guess I'll just eat around the rat. Stop paying them until they do something nice for you. It's how the free-market works.

I sincerely hope Mythic fails as a company and you, dear reader, can be my witness that I will never, ever play anything branded by them again.


  1. And on top of all that...they didn't even tell the super secret special blogger club anything all that interesting. "Here's some stuff we might do but probably won't."

    It's like they know there's only a half dozen people left who will listen to their empty promises anymore.

  2. I'm not fussed about them inviting people over, it's fine by me because it shows that they still care about the community (at least a bit).

    The problem I have with this whole thing is how what they told them is nothing worth inviting people over in the first place.

    And as it seems that the big news wasn't that the game is going f2p, which is the only thing I see revitalising the game at this point, I really don't think the news itself will be anything worth our attention. Not unless it's a major overhaul of the game such as a third faction, new areas, new classes/races, which I simply can't see happening right now, as I don't think Mythic have enough funds to do that, what with SWTOR on the horizon.

  3. It was a coven meeting, and they are all witches.

    I think before they release the news they wanted feedback from the community. Which if that was the case is very cool indeed.

  4. Wanting feedback is good, but if this really is them trying to do something good and/or noble then I really am glad I got off that sinking ship when I did :)