Monday, July 4, 2011

Damage Dealing Death Machine..... aka SU-152

I'm sure after reading through numerous posts (yes, I know you've read them all) with me crying, complaining, and generally boo-hooing about the SU-100 you were expecting more of the same when it was discovered that I was pushing on to the SU-152. Luckily for you (who must be tired of all that) the SU-152 is a very, very..... very different tank (destroyer).

Death Dealing Damage Machine...or maybe S(o-long) U(r dead when this) 152 (caliber gun blasts you)?

Stock tanks (the ones with basic equipment you get upon first getting the tank) are notoriously bad. Most people groan about them and you will often see people apologizing in chat by simply saying: "Stock". Not so the SU-152! Well, okay, it does suck with the starter engine, and tracks because you are very slow, and a real beast to turn. If you can get used to the idea that you are simply a massive gun emplacement you will do alright. And what a gun.

Fear this gun.....really.

The stock gun that accompanies the SU-152 right out of the showroom (with 'new tank smell') is absolutely fabulous. I have lovingly nicknamed it the 'Death Dealing Damage Machine' for very good reason. Stripped of armor piercing, or gold shells and loaded with High Explosive (HE) this gun literally spews damage and as a result, the kills follow. Even with that slow-moving stock engine and the 5-10 seconds it would sometimes take to turn on an opponent coming from the side (god forbid they get behind you) I have racked up the kills more so than on any other non-premium tank.

The gun is a 152 caliber beast that is the tank-destroyer equivalent to an explosive shotgun. Point in direction of enemy, pull trigger, enemy go BOOM. There isn't much that can stand up to a couple shots from this thing. I have 2-shotted Lowe's and T-29's from the front. You don't get a lot of side shots with the SU-152 as I find I am usually covering avenues of approach, or supporting heavies who are engaged in frontal battles. Even with the thicker frontal armor this gun is doing some massive damage. I don't think I want to upgrade to the 'better', higher tier ones. This is just too much fun.

The durability of the SU-152 is really very good as well. One of my many complaints about the SU-100 was how quickly I'd die once being spotted. With any tank destroyer it's best to stay out of sight but I have no fear popping around a corner to give someone a blast. Experience has shown that I can survive at least a couple shots from even the heaviest of tanks up to Tier VIII and I frequently bounce shots from mediums Tier VII and lower.

Somebody's got to die, if I go, then you've got to go, somebody's got to die, let the gunshots flow.

You will see by my win-loss (or should I say loss-loss-loss-win) record that I am not winning a lot of battles. If you look at my kill numbers and my hit percentage the story becomes a bit clearer. I do pretty damn well in matches even when I lose. I can't think of a better compliment for any tank than that. My experience per battle is high despite the staggering amount of losses, and, unlike the Tiger where losing money seems to be the norm, I have rarely lost any credits- even with a loss.

All-in-all a really fun tank and one that I can happily run in PUGS because I don't actually care how badly they do, I'm still likely to get a couple kills! As long as I take someone with me, I'm a happy tanker. I think Biggie can sum it up for me best:


  1. I never had a war phase. I guess it was replaced by a dinosaur phase.

    Somehow you're describing my experience in LoL. Buying a new champ and doing much better than expected.

    Btw, I was trying to figure out what happened with your screenshots because they were flattened so much, but then I realised it's the tank that's flattened. What happened to it? Must have been ran over by an even bigger tank?

    And before you rush in to impose your tank wisdom on me, I know it's flat to keep a low profile (I bet you thought I was serious). Which is exactly why it's so puzzling that the tank destroyers in T1 have an enormously high profile. Engineering limitations in shot velocity or just engineer stupidity?

  2. @Blaq Early tank destroyers were pretty hasty creations; the Germans had armoured warfare doctrine sorted but their early hardware was lagging, there were comparatively few PzKpfw III and IV in the early campaigns, lots of PzKpfw IIs and the captured Czech tanks that became the 35(t) and 38(t). They needed something that could take on British and French tanks like the Matilda II and Char B, so they pretty much just got a towed anti-tank gun and welded it on top of an obsolete Panzer I chassis. Voila, a Panzerjaeger! Similar thing in Russia, the KV-1 was heavier again so a bigger gun was slapped on a Panzer II or 38(t) chassis for the Marder.

    More serious development produced better, more protected designs like the Hetzer and Jagdpanzer, which sort of merged with the StuG series (that started out as infantry-supporting artillery), and then they went a bit mental and made a bunch of variants of everything they could for a laugh. (More or less)

  3. Oh yeah, completely forgot the comment I was going to leave before getting a bit sidetracked...

    I'm working through the SU-100, I don't hate it quite as much as a VK3001(P) with no upgrades (that thing got chucked in pretty much the same battles but with a friggin' sub-tier 75mm piece of junk gun that could barely damage another medium let alone the heavies; it's at least tolerable, if not great, now I've got an 88mm on it) but it's not a patch on the SU-85. The 5x XP boosts of Kursk weekend have been pretty helpful, getting to that point where I'm tempted to blow a load of free XP just to make that final push, looking forward to that 152mm...

  4. @Blaq- spot on: low profile tank with camo and crew with camo skill means I'm pretty invisible :)

    @Zoso- I didn't realize until I started playing that the French tanks were actually better (more armor, better guns) than the Germans.... kind of assumed they sucked but that's just ignorance on my part. The VK (P) series is notoriously terrible to grind through. Most people in my clan hate it though the end (Panther) is quite good I'm told.

    The SU-100 is funny- so many people say its a great tank but I didn't get on with it. I tried the 122mm gun on the 152 for a few matches and didn't like it as much as that stock 152. The cost of the shells (1060 credits each) means I make less money as well. Maybe I just need a big massive gun, and yes, perhaps that is in compensation for something ;)

  5. Half-price sale, woo! Just in time to burn a bit of stored XP and upgrade, 152 millimetres of fun here we come!

  6. I'm taking advantage of the double credits and alternating between my SU-152 and Tiger for the evening...with my new found love of artillery thrown in for fun!

    Have fun with the SU-152! I still have a blast though the 80k experience needed to move up to the ISU-152 is a bit is the 2 million credit price tag :)