Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Cunning Plan

Not all that cunning, but it is a plan. Today is the Operation Husky Special in World of Tanks and yesterday, for the first time, I felt a bit of boredom creep into my gaming session. I actually stopped playing and -gasp- went outside and played with the dogs in the fresh air. I know, preposterous!

I've been laying off of Wurm and hitting WoT pretty hard so some burnout is expected. My plan is to well, have a plan. Working toward something gives me focus and to be honest, the massive amount of experience needed to cap out the various tank trees is daunting. I just can't focus on that because it seems a bit hopeless at times, especially when things aren't going right (like with my Tiger II). Perhaps its just my altoholism or maybe I'm just lazy....or easily bored- ya, lets go with that.

I've accumulated 150k spare experience so it's time to make a move! Due to the half price and double experience special, I'm going to re-by the T-34 (which I quit playing because I had a horrendous time with it but I'm sure this time will be different) and use it to get to the KV-13 medium tank. The KV-13 is a bridge to the Russian Heavies and after hearing about the KV 'grind' I think this is the way forward there. The KV-13 just looks like my type of tank- that's the only explanation I can give. Has anyone played this one?

I'm going to take advantage of the Husky Special to train up some crews as well so my full plan, unveiled here for you, my lucky readers (!) is this:

  1. Spam T-34 and M4 Sherman battles for the double credits.
  2. Move into the T-34-85 (Tier 6) before the special ends and upgrade the crew to 100% for half price.
  3. Use my free experience to jump from my Tier 3 arty to the Tier 5 arty and train a new crew to 100% for half price.
  4. Strip my Easy 8 of its modules and crew, purchase the T-30 (Tier 7 American Medium which I've already unlocked) and re-train the crew to 100%....... OR.......
  5. Use the remaining free experience to jump to the T-29 (Tier 7) American Heavy, buy it, and re-train my T1 crew.
A lot of this will depend on how many credits I manage to accumulate tonight. I am still liking the SU-152 but I have another 30k or so of experience to go before I can get the ISU-152 and since I am having fun I'm not in a hurry. The problem with the single game mode offered by WoT (random battles) is that it does get super repetitive and I find changing tanks keeps it interesting and fun. I've all but given up on Clan Wars. The format sucks, the forced-time is late for me, and it always seems that everyone involved is stressed. It's depressing and I'd rather play when I want rather when they say I have to.

Why can't developers look at Guild Wars and see how to do these things? Team rankings, GVG (essentially clan-wars) when the teams want it, the ability to watch top-teams play (live and recorded), and various formats (gvg, team battles, random battles, and that other one I forgot). It's all been done for pity sake and it's not like Guild Wars is some kind of indie, unknown game! I can feel a rant bubbling at the surface, just dying to get out so I'm stopping now!

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