Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aged Fat Horse

While it may not be clever, it certainly fits, so after finally meeting the newest member of our pet family (I hope that makes you sick inside to read because it makes me sick to write it.... I hate that 'my pet is like my child' bullshit.....but I digress, and here in the introduction of all places.... it's bad blog form like this that keeps me from being a guest writer on proper blogs like Bio Break....damn you Syp!) I have decided that Missy (the horse we recently purchases in case you can't remember) will henceforth be known as "Aged Fat Horse".

She's around 21 years old- exact dating is complicated by the fact she's lost her birth certificate (stupid nag) and She Who Will Be Named Later insists I can't cut off a leg to do dendrochronology. It would

a) be bad for the horse, and
b) not work because she's not a tree.

Bloody wife... such a little Miss Know-It-All.

The facts, however, are indisputable. Due to the advancement of time she is, in fact, old, and due a slight leg injury she has not been working for a couple months. This means she is aged, and she has gotten fat on the bounty of the Saskatchewan prairie (mmmmmmm...dandelions...maybe she's French). Now, by work I mean prancing, or as the professionals insists on calling it: dressage. Being from the praries I don't think it's proper work unless she's pulling a plow or carrying a North West Mounted Policeman on her back and helping to tame the land's native savages (yes, I said it, but only in a historical, backward looking way, like how it's okay to see the "N" word in Huckleberry Fin because it's how it was back then).

In any case I met her on Saturday and the name just fit. I now have both a virtual aged fat horse and a real Aged Fat Horse. I am starting to collect a pile of animals in Wurm and have roped (literally) two more stray dogs to add to my dog-pen and the current one is about to have a puppy. Mmmmm...puppies. I am starting to wonder if I am trying to re-created my Wurm life in life, or my life life in Wurm. Either way, the boundaries are getting blurred. Just last night I was shopping for some second hand SU-152's to help with my morning commute. No, you're right, that's ludicrous! Obviously a M43AE8 would be better due to the speed and maneuverability. *Honk, honk* Easy 8, coming through!

What the hell is this? Why no gaming post?

Too busy playing to be honest. I have a series of Wurm posts I want to get up but I've been having to log in to play (buying horses, feeding dogs, etc) and I've been running through a pile of new tanks in WoT to keep things interesting (Hetzer is definitely gonna Hetz by god) including Russian artillery which I just find funny....ooops, sorry about that I've seem to have dropped a massive bomb on the top of your tank and now you're dead. Ganked! Somehow it seems fitting.

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