Wednesday, July 20, 2011

80,000 What Now?

As She Who Will Be Named Later pointed out last night, by waving my very own copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in my face, my Wurm series title makes no sense. I was, of course, trying to make a play on words of this famous adventure novel but blew it big time! It was an honest mistake as I was originally going to call the series Around The Wurm in 80 Days after his other famous novel but switched it. Oh well.

No adventure-filled post today due to the absolute and utterly unbearable heat over the last few days. It has been 32 Celsius here (94-ish Fahrenheit) but it has felt like 40. I understand wind chills (as I'm all too familiar with those) but is a humididex really necessary? In any case it has been hot and I don't have air conditioning. I managed to play for about an hour last night when I couldn't take it anymore. It was 36 Celsius in the computer room and I was literally sticking to my chair (ha! now you'll carry that image with you all day). I had to hide in the basement with the dogs to get some relief.

Ever the die-hard gamer I challenged She Who Will Be Named Later to a game of Yahtzee and was defeated soundly despite rolling both a large straight and a full house with one throw. She kicked ass on the top portion of the scoring and earned the bonus which put her over the top (ironic, isn't it). As I was wallowing in my defeat (I hate losing and couldn't even rage-log in this case) she closed in for the coup-de-grace.

"Oh look, its your copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".

Damn it!

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  1. Yahtzee is hard. My excuse is that I have no luck, but in reality I just suck at it.

    And lol at that burn. Cccccccombo breaker!