Monday, July 11, 2011

80,000 Leagues Under the Wurm

The Adventure Begins!

Once I had attended to the security needs of my new horse (now Aged and Fat) I decided I would do some exploration. One of the things I like about Wurm is looking at what other people have created. How they have set up their deeds, and what things they like. It's the Sociologist in me I guess. That or I'm just a snoopy bugger.

I loaded up my sailboat and headed out. I had a lot of luck scavenging much needed supplies on the coast during my earlier travels so I stayed within sight of shore. Traveling by water was quicker and had the added advantage that if I got into a spot of trouble I could sail away fast! Most animals can't swim in Wurm with bears being a very noticeable exception to this rule (noticeable when one is chasing you all over creation, that's for sure).

The best way to look at a bear close up.....when guards have killed him for you!

I was somewhat familiar with this area as I had previously sailed this way and ultimately found the horse on Death Mountain (near Camp Crystal Lake at 47x, 36y) which isn't too far from home though at the time it seemed like it was the middle of nowhere. I followed the coast south, past Brash End and eventually spied Maple Island. I cut across the northern end of it and landed on the west coast. It was time to explore.

I wandered up a paved path and into what was obviously an abandoned settlement. There were no chests to look into however so I turned to go when I noticed the combat tab flashing. It would appear, from the reports, that I was being attacked.... by a goblin. I did what any brave adventurer would do and ran like hell. That goblin stayed on me like paint on a wall and did some pretty nasty damage (mostly to my ass I'm assuming due to his size). I managed to make it back to the safety of my boat and pushed off. I was lucky because if you take damage to the skill that allows you to captain your boat, your pretty much screwed. If you can't sail they will continue to wail on you while you sit prettily in your boat.

I had some cotton rags to wrap the wounds and I sailed away feeling quite smug. I had escaped that one fairly handily (minus the wounds). Things were looking good! I pushed south past Acme Harbor, and into Crystal Canal. This is one of those player-led projects that makes Wurm what it is. It must have taken considerable effort to dig this canal and makes sea-travel and exploration possible. Thanks!

Crystal Canal- dug out of the earth by players with too much time on their hands ;)

I didn't find any abandoned settlements to explore until I reached the south end of the map and headed east. Another large-scale payer undertaking, a colossus, stared out at me. I couldn't see any houses or signs of players so I put ashore to do some exploration. Only a couple walls remained of what looked to have once been a sizable settlement.....well, a couple walls and several chests loaded with treasure! Get in.

Stealing is, of course, forbidden on Freedom server so I won't tell you that I had some lock-picks handy for just such an occasion. I will instead tell you that these chests had decayed and the items were there for the taking. Every conceivable tool needed to do, well, anything in the game, was there and all of them were at least 60 (out of 100) in quality. Included in the haul was a complete set of chain link armor (vest, helm, arm, leg, hand, and feet) which is more protection than my newbie butt could have hoped for this early on in my Wurm-life.

The amount of, and quality of the tools was a real find and as for the chain armor, I had struck gold, as far as I was concerned! It was a great haul and a great end to the first segment of my adventure.

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