Tuesday, July 19, 2011

80,000 Leagues Under the Wurm: Death Becomes Me

I was at the halfway point of my travels when I realized that I was very near to Cherry Glade Farms. I had stuck mainly to the sea in my travels thus far as the coast was over populated with various animals that would easily kill me. Remember that phrase. It will feature heavily in this next segment.

The northeastern portion of Wurm is relatively uninhabited by players. Players hunt animals and the guards on their deed kill any who wander into the village. Take away those players and what you have left is a true frontier wilderness. I moored my boat near to a settlement with guards, and free of beasties, and headed inland.

Add "It's a good thing these stupid Trolls can't swim" to the famous last words category.

Cherry Glade Farms was about a 10-minute run and although it was overgrown it was nice. The guards were still there protecting the place, and I was enjoying poking around and taking some screenies for this post. I noticed beyond the stone fences a pig, and a hen- both tameable animals- so I went to investigate. I had been trying to increase my fighting skill by taking on weaker animals (thanks to my new armor and sword), and since I couldn’t take a hen, or pig, by boat, I decided to bravely rush in and slaughter them.

Damn you Cherry Glade farms....damn you.

I am happy to report that the pig died an honorable death, but it seems that I wandered into some kind of virtual Charlotte’s Web because before I could even butcher him a Huge Spider jumped out of nowhere and proceeded to kick my ass.

I say ‘my ass’ because I was running like hell and that was the only target available to him. He got my legs as well, which slowed me down, and I actually said aloud ‘Shit, I’m gonna die’. I slid down a hill, landed on a road, and just kept running....hoping....and praying....and running.......and finally managed to lose him. I breathed a tremendous sigh of relief. Until the Troll attacked.

I was already near death, and the Troll, unsurprisingly, wasn’t inclined to let me catch my breath and heal up."Woah, woah", I said, "Can't we discuss this over a pint and a pack of crisps?" The answer, sadly, was no. I was within sight of water though, and I knew that Troll's can't swim so I took a chance, and plunged off the hill. I took another hit to my hit points (pun intended) as I landed..... on a wolf.

The wolf moved in to attack me, but no! I was too clever. Into the water I went, laughing, gasping, almost crying with relief. Wolves can't swim! I was safe.

Until the bear ate me.

There was no way out of this one. I was dead, and that was it. My corpse, my armor, all my gear would stay behind as I was magically transported through the mists back....back....way back.... to my settlement. My boat? Moored miles away near my body. All that I was left with was my starter tools, my settlement deed, and my seething anger. Dying in Wurm is no joke, especially if you are far from home. You lose your gear, and take a stat-hit as well. You have 24 hours (real time) to claim your corpse or it disappears and your stuff can be taken and by claim I mean go to and take. All those stories I’ve read about ‘old-school games’ and the corpse runs was now a terrible, terrible reality.

Anger fueled me. I quickly made a couple meals, cursed in local about my fate, and set off. I’m not easily beaten. The run took 45 minutes. Real minutes of my life sitting at the keyboard pressing W, sometimes A or D, but never S. I would not be deterred. The sun was going down (in-game) and I had to get back to my corpse. I dodged a few spiders and some wolves along the way but since I was carrying nothing, I was too fast. Ha! Take that.

I reached my corpse just in time and laughed at the hapless Troll, now stranded by his new Wolf friend on the shore. The bear was just out of aggro range so I gathered up my gear, ran downstream, and bravely logged. That was enough for one day!

I returned to Wurm the next day feeling smug. I had been killed, but managed to salvage the situation, albeit at the cost of some time. I had my gear, and my boat wasn’t far. I would continue my journey and all would be well. The familiar Wurm music drifted from my speakers as I made myself ready and logged in to......mist. I was dead. Again.

I can only assume the bear got me in those brief moments between logging out, or in. I was back at my village, gear gone, skills depleted, and really, really pissed off. I rage-logged. It was time to take a break from Wurm, but not for long. I only had a day to get my body back.


  1. You must be careful when logging out of Wurm. You log out of the game but are still in the world for about a minute or two if you don't log out on your deed. Best to find a gate or house to hid in when logging out in areas with creatures. It was most likely the bear too, since they move around like crazy, where are most other animals tend to barely move.

  2. Well that was a hard lesson to learn. I didn't realize that the instant-logging was only on your deed! Thanks for the tip. As you'll see in my next post there wasn't a lot of 'safe' places to log in this particular area. It had the highest concentration of mobs I've ever encountered in the game!

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