Tuesday, July 26, 2011

80,000 Leagues Under the Wurm: Concludes!

Frustration was running high on the heels of my double-death. I knew that to try to run back, grab my gear, and end up dying again would be too much to bear (ouch, pun intended). There would be rage, and it wouldn’t be pretty. I decided to abandon my adventure, and launched operation Clean Up to mitigate my losses. I decided to sail my Corbita back to where my body was, get my gear, and then abandon my sailboat and come home.

Reaching my body took a bit of time, but it wasn’t hard. I had been there before, of course. It took about half an hour (real time) to sail there. The trip there wasn’t the problem. The bears were the problem. Thirteen of them.

Yes, I did say 13 which is an absolutely ridiculous amount of anything to be corpse-camped by in Wurm. Most people complain of there not being enough animals and the irony that I’ve posted that very complaint wasn’t lost on me. Running (swimming) in to grab my corpse wasn’t going to work and the corbita isn’t very maneuverable. I dropped anchor, jumped in my sailboat used it to dash to my corpse. I grabbed the contents of my inventory, took a few bites from said hungry bears, and sailed quickly to freedom! They could bite my legs half off, but my boat would still go 17 km/hr and easily outrun them. Ha! Take that virtual bears.

I unloaded the contents of my sailboat into the corbita and I was off! I could have returned the way I came but that little part of me that likes to make everything a bit more difficult than it has to be intervened. I decided to continue north and take the canal’s home. I was close to the Massively Village and wanted to take a look at it.I explored Paris Island and killed some wildcats which made me feel infinitely better. I hate cats and since they are one of the easiest animals to kill (both in game and out) I skilled up, got some meat, and vented my frustration with the game.

Paris Island is quite nice. Had I discovered it before I would have quite liked to settle there. It’s remote but it has steppe, farm land, and stone aplenty. The sea is (obviously) right at hand, and the views are nice. I’m keeping this place in mind for a possible re-location should I feel the urge to start again.

When my explorations were over I set out toward the canals and made good time. I stopped only to cook and butcher anything I saw dead on shore. There was a few more hurdles in store, however, including running aground a few times which resulted in me spending around 30 minutes clicking ‘move’, and ‘push’ over and over.

With my final destination (almost) in sight I breathed easy. I was at the final canal that would take me back into Crystal Lake and a short, 5 minute sail home. At last! Having actually learned a lesson (or two) I asked in chat if I could just sail through with my big boat and wouldn’t you have guessed it, the answer was no. No. I had to pull my boat into the canal due to a terrain-related glitch.

The game had conspired to foil me again!. My strength wasn’t high enough to pull my boat. I would have to sail all the way back the way I came...against the wind. It would take hours. I had the quit button up so fast a sonic boom followed. I was actually about to rage-log: an honest to god rage log complete with a post in general chat that I was rage-quitting (not terribly mature, but there you go).

I was saved from my rage by the kindness of a stranger. He asked me to wait, and then offered to pull my boat through if I could trust him enough to turn it over to him. You can’t open, steal, or otherwise affect other peoples boats so he couldn’t pull it unless he was the owner.

This isn’t Eve Online where people are out to scam you but  I did have almost everything I owned in that boat. It only took me a minute to decide that I had too much to gain by saying yes. I had chatted with him previously (having moored my boat on an invisible sand-bar near his property an hour before) and the CM’s simply wouldn’t allow someone to get scammed like that. Had he tricked me I could have petitioned the dev’s and got my stuff back. Besides he seemed nice and I am a pretty good judge of character (virtual and real).

My worry wasn’t necessary, of course, because he did as he said he would. He took a half hour out of his life to help a stranger pull his boat through a canal. He had to unload a pile of rafts and gear, pull it into the cave, re-load it, then do it all again at the other end. It was a very, very nice thing to do and an example of why the community is so wonderful in Wurm.

I sailed into my home port short one sailboat, some skill points, and a lot of patience. I was staying put for the time being. There was plenty of work to do and I was happy to stay home and get it done. My adventures were done for now. I had managed to sail around half of Wurm and the other half could wait. I had an Aged Fat Horse to groom and a deed to develop.


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