Saturday, July 23, 2011


I played my 2000th battle last night in World of Tanks. A bit of a milestone and one that I was quite chuffed with until I checked the stats of one of my new clan mates and saw that he had 6,600 battles fought. Can I just say: O.M.G. That's a hell of a lot of battles and since he had just joined the clan and was platooning for the first time they were all random battles. That's more patience than I know I have. I was ready to rage-log last night after a two-day losing streak that I couldn't seem to break.

After reading Tobol's interview regarding matchmaking and Zoso's post I feel a bit better knowing the odds are stacked against me. I'm also looking forward to the new game modes they have recently announced. Tier capped company/clan wars battles is something I've argued for before and would make the game much more enjoyable. I'm going to assume they read my post , agreed with what I said and decided to implement it as soon as they could!

My stats pretty decent, all things considering (those things being the other people in  my random groups) and I am happy with my kills ratio which is getting better as I go. I'm also a bit chuffed that I've managed to sneak into the top 6, 000- at least in base defense. Defense- defense- defense!

And now, since I am a 2000 about a little Kiss?