Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tank Justice

An interesting thing happned to me on the way to, wait that's not right.

Dear Pent.... nope, wrong one again.

Here we go:

I was playing WoT last night when I entered a random battle (as you do) with a bunch of Lowes (not a shock). The guys were making some good natured jokes using plays on the word 'low'. It was fun in a corny kind of way and I joined in with a few comments. The last thing I remember saying (it was after 12am so some wine may have parted my lips) was:

"Was that an Adam Sandler Quote?"

One of the other players then asked:

"Would you like a chat ban?"

I, of course, replied:


He said:

"You got it."

And then this:

I did what any good gamer should do, and sent customer support a complaint- it was after all, bullshit, if I may say so. Random players (staff I'm assuming) banning you during a game for no reason, with no warning, or with not explanation? That's crap.

Happily, my respose this morning (less than 9 hours after the incident):

Dear Player,

Sorry to have caused any inconvenience to you. Restrictions are removed, staff members applied misdirected sanctions are punished. Feel free to continue playing.

Best regards,
Steve Jansson

World of Tanks Support Service 

Winner: Me! Huzza.

My smart-ass, but not inappropriate mouth, can continue with its witty (I think) observations and comments today. Get in.


  1. "Power corrupts the weak."

    Glad to see you got a fast and just solution from WoT devs. -SteelDoom [Wind]

  2. Jesus, I didn't even know they could do that! Hope that person (do you remember the name?) - got a similar ban!

    Grats on being "right"... ;)


  3. It doesn't surprise me. Most of the people who are so called mods or admins on the forum and in game remind me of high school students on a power trip.

    I remember I once got a warning in the forum for trolling.... because I replied to a topic that was nothing more than spam.... so I and a bunch of other posters got a warning even though the thread itself was closed and junked. But not the OP.

    Also most of these so called mods and admins seem to have no real life experience when it comes to financial issues, history and their own rules and regulations. They just either believe everything they're being told (financial) or get all high and mighty when you step on their toes and hurt their feelings (like the one guy who called us all xenophobes for making fun of french tanks and threatened us with warnings and RO's... EVERYBODY makes fun of the french, that doesn't mean we hate them or have some irrational fear of them (xenophobia)). It was obvious he was a fan of the french and didn't like us talking 'bad' about them.

    Seriously, it's ridiculous.

  4. Yes, it's reminiscent of that famous study in the 80's (well, famous if you studied sociology) in which students were put into a mock prison and randomly separated into 'guards' and 'inmates'. The study had to be shut down within a very short period of time because the 'guards' had started to abuse their power and were being terribly cruel.

    Positions of authority need to be monitored because power can be misused. This is a silly example (an online game) but still, it has an impact and we are paying customers, after all.

  5. Good movie, that. But I always thought the experiment was done in the field of sociology. Guess it could have been both.

  6. Wait, I'm confused Blaq- was that a movie? I'm like you in that I only know of it through sociology. If it was a movie I'd certainly like to see it.

  7. Das Experiment, a german movie. I only didn't link it cause I thought you had seen it, knowing about the experiment and all.

    And yeah, I suck at reading, I read sociology as pyschology in your comment. Which is why it didn't make sense.