Sunday, June 19, 2011

So Long SU-100, Thanks For The...Well, Just So Long

Another complaint-based SU-100 post, you groan? I can’t bear it, you think to yourself, why won't this guy just shut up? Never fear, good reader, there is no complaining inc, you may breath your sigh of relief.

Somewhere around battle number 150 I made peace with the SU-100: much like Lt. Dan during the storm in Forest Gump. I didn’t start to do any better, or worse, with the tank (and there were no magic legs involved), but I started to understand it. It certainly took long enough, I will agree. I also took heart because I made the decision that I would retire it after my 200th battle. I would sell it and move on..... to the SU-152.

The final stats.
Yes, I am a sucker for punishment, and the tiny addict voice in me is says: "Just one more in the line, how bad can it be?” It’s that line of thinking that once saw me lose $250 in a single night at the casino, but in the end it’s not the loss that matters the lesson that is (hopefully) learned. That night was the last time I ever lost money in a casino because I:

1. Got a whole lot better at Blackjack and
2. Stopped going to casino’s when I moved to Europe.
Do I know where I went wrong with the SU-100? Yes and no. Will I do better with the SU-152? Who knows? I am taking the crew forward and since they maxed out at 100% skill, and all have taken camouflage training they are much better at their role. I have played a variety of tanks by now and I can see that while some tanks in a given line may not be that great, or just not suit you very well, others may shine. The other point to make is it is, in the end, only a game and there’s no harm in trying out a pile of tanks just because you can.

I did not, unfortunately (despite the support of my platoon-mates) go out in a blaze of glory and my last battle in the SU-100 was, fittingly, a loss. I didn’t even manage to get a kill, but at least I survived. Perhaps it was compromise of sorts between us- grizzled veteran of 200 battles and tired machine- but you can rest assured that I transferred the crew to barracks, stripped the mods, and sold that piece of crap the second I was done! Now I just have to save up 1.2 million credits to buy the SU-152. Hmm..... maybe if I hit the casino tonight I can win some fast cash, use it to buy gold, and convert the gold to credits. By god, that’s a brilliant plan! What could possibly go wrong?

How I'd like to remember the SU-100: A shot from my best performance with it.

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