Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So Long I Mean, Farewell Dear Warhammer

It's a week (or so) of good-byes. My oft-hated SU-100 in World of Tanks, and now my once-beloved Warhammer. I am taking down my Warhammer page and finally uninstalling the game. Several blogs that I read are still playing, or have returned to, WAR, but I just don't have the desire anymore. I have nothing bad to say (shock of all shocks) about the game. The fact is I never think of it anymore so the time had come to bid it a farewell....that and nobody reads the damn page anyway!

Oh, and the 'so-long shit-game' is an inside joke that involves a bit of the Simpsons (doesn't everything?) and some hijinks involving a Polish guy, an Irishman, a Welshgirl, and a Canadian (but they didn't walk into a bar....well, okay they did- multiple times- but not in this particular case). I could explain it, but like most inside jokes it wouldn't be half as funny or easily understood.

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