Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lucky Customer #200 or Where's My Pants?

As a newbie blogger I am fascinated by my stats, and curious as to who stops by. I doubt that I'm alone in this, and I must say I've been quite thrilled that my Tank Justice post has managed to rustle up so much interest. I just checked my figures (not that figure, it's all out of shape as the Summer Cold has kept me from the gym, but not the gin, <cue Irish accent> thanks be to god) and it is now my most viewed post of all time at 199. Take that 'Eve Online: Judged'. Now you're number two which technically means....you're the loser.

How exciting. Who'll be number 200? I'm getting tingles just thinking about it. I should have balloons falling when it happens, and perhaps a band on stand-by, but since I'd have to do it at my own place the magical 200th person would never see it anyway. I suppose I could arrange to have balloons drop at their place but then there would be all those awkward questions like:

What the hell are you doing in my house?]

How did you find me?

And the inevitable:

Where are your pants?

Sigh- these misunderstandings never seem to go my way, so I suppose I'll just eagerly await Mr, Mrs, or Miss (the hell with the Ms crap, you're married or your not damnit) quietly in my own place.....with or without pants because who's here to care? The Sultan of Smart and the Duchess of Dumb? Please, they could care less and given that the Duchess of Dumb has now eaten almost every sock in the house it appears she prefers me, at least partially, naked. Since She Who Will Be Named Later is, once again, teaching fine Canadian youth how to prance their pampered ponies tonight there isn't a single ounce of common sense left in the entire house to stop me from doing something (or somethings) stupid.

The point? Well, if you're a veteran of my blog you'll know there frequently isn't one, but for all the new people I'll pretend I had one:

Thanks for stopping by, and, oh...cue the balloons I think we just got number 200!

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