Friday, June 10, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: WTB

When they aren’t annoying me, or generally making me wish they didn’t exist, people are often my primary source of amusement. In most of these instances they don’t even realize they are being funny which makes it even funnier. 

One of my primary ‘go to’ places for a satisfying dose of humor-cum-stupidity is the electronic bulletin board at The Fish Factory. Hidden amongst the boring monotony of this for sale, that for rent, looking for whatever, are some real gems and I’d like to share a couple of them with you today.


For Dramatic Purposes Only

Posting for a friend: 
Nylon dog kennel, sets up and collapses in seconds. The owners bought it for their dog (St. Bernard) who out grew it before it was ever used. They paid $100 and are asking $50 firm.

Sorry, how big does a St.Bernard get again and was that really going to provide any useful purpose what-so-ever given his strength and weight?


27 blue plastic hangers
Excellent quality
Larger than infant hangers, smaller than adult hangers.

My Comment:
Really? NOT adult, and NOT infant...hmmmm, child-sized perhaps?


Cleaning out some stuff:

I have a 5 DVD Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease workout set - includes lap dancing and I forget what else, google it. Will only sell as a set, asking $25.00, open to offers. 
I also have a Wedding Cake Serving Set from Hallmark, 'Raised Loop Hearts' design. Still in the box, silver plated. New condition, desperately needs a polish though. Bought new for $30 two years ago, asking $15.

My Comment: 

Might I humbly suggest that you keep and study the Striptease workout set and thereby increase the chances you get to use that 'still in the box' Wedding Cake Serving Set? That said now that everyone knows you had this for a while you may get an increase in the volume of invites for after-work drinks from male co-workers and some disapproving glares from female ones.

Yeesh, people! Happy Friday Everyone!

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