Friday, June 3, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: The Summer Sickness

I always end up with a summer cold. I'm not sure why but it seems to happen every year. Maybe it's just the fact that because it's nice outside I remember them more, but it seems to me I never get sick in the winter.The winter vomiting bug, the flu, pneumonia- I know people who had them all during the cold season. Me? Fine as could be. Slogging through the -30 Celsius days, wind chills of -50 (which freezes exposed skin in 30 seconds), icy roads (one accident this year), blocked roads, no roads, blizzards, white outs, black outs (sun sets at 4:30pm and doesn't rise until 9:30 am).... you get the idea. I was up and on my way to work through them all. Dog's walked, walks shoveled, parka on. Day in, day out.

Summer comes and it's time to plant the garden, do the yard work, and enjoy walking the dogs. Getting to work is easy. No jacket, no shoveling, no warming of the car. Jump in and go. Windows down, music pumping, yes sir, life is good!

Until the summer cold. I have been struck down, once again, by the summer lurgy. On the plus side I am still able to play Wurm, and World Of Tanks (though my patience is short for that one at the moment) but, sadly, not able to take my place on the floor of the Canning Factory for most of this week.

That's me on the left.
I am slowly catching up on my blog-reading and while I haven't had the time (or inclination) to find any new ones my 'old' favorites are like a comforting bowl of warm soup. Blaq has been doing a great weekend music series (love that Dead Island trailer no matter how many times I see it), Kiasa is still writing great posts and podcasting (still haven't listened to that one), and the lads at Consoling Gamers are still producing their weekly shows.

Two of my regular reads have fallen victim to nostalgia and returned to Warhammer Online and while I'd rather be hit with a hammer, while online, than go back, I'm glad they are having fun. 32nd Law is keeping me smiling with posts like this- who doesn't love Manatees?

SynCaine seems to have lost the plot a bit- I do enjoy his posts but this one is a bit ranty for me. Maybe he's a bit cranky from a summer cold as well, or all that time in Rift (the current king of the new theme-parks) has made him a bit testy. Come back to the Sandbox Syn...everything is just so much nicer.

So I may be stuck inside but I am catching up on my leisure-time 'chores' and at least I'm not too sick to play. Happy Days.

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