Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Shhhhhhhh......Don't Tell Blaq

I know what you're thinking: It's not Friday, dummy! You are, of course, right, but have neglected the fact that since tomorrow is a national holiday (yay, Canada!) I have tomorrow off from the Pulp and Paper Mill and so, I submit to you, that this is indeed my Friday. To prove it I'm off to the pub to drink and be merry and (likely) leer at buxom wenches as they bring me pint after pint of ale. That, or I'll have a few and take some furtive, sideways glances at the waitresses in the hopes that She Who Will Be Named Later doesn't notice. Even if she does catch me, recovery is only a moment away with:

"Wow, look at her, what do you think of those shoes?"

It's like a get out jail free card because she'll be so focused on the shoes (trust me) that she'll forget that she caught you looking. If they turn out to be plain, or ugly shoes, you can just shrug and put on your best "I'm only a man, what do I know about shoes" face. Unless you're gay then that's not an excuse because you should know better. But I digress.

I have decided to inject some music into my Fortuitous Fridays and will be starting a "Greatest Show..." series starting next Friday. Blaq over at Don't Mention Ze War can be credited for this with his wonderful music series which has inspired me...or maybe he'll be outraged that I'm blatantly ripping him off...either way, new series inc!

Starting next week I am going to start "The Greatest Show I Never Saw" and highlight the top 5 shows I had a chance to go see, but for a variety of (bizarre) reasons didn't. There will be music, mirth and yes, hijinks will ensue, guaranteed.* I will also cover "The Greatest Show I Ever Saw" in a follow-up series.

Now you may be thinking: Why wait, that sounds great! Post one today! Ahh gentle reader, patience. Good things come to those who wait, and besides, I'm feeling just a wee bit (enormously) lazy today.... and there's beer to drink, remember?

(and buxom wenches for god sake, BUXOM wenches)

*Guarantees offered by the author may or may not be actual guarantees. Hijinks offered, discussed, or remembered by the author are free-to-read, but Ballyhoo is not covered under the free to read model and costs extra in our cash shop. Also offered in the cash shop are Sparkly Memories, Monocled Memories, and Gold Bullet Memories.


  1. Wait, if a gay man is looking at buxom wenches, why would his partner (who is probably a man in that case) be offended by it? So there is no need to divert attention because a gay man would be looking at a buxom wenches' shoes in any case! Fail. :P
    (Sweeping generalisations from the previous paragraph are covered in my disclaimer under "if you're stupid enough to be offended by it you deserve it" and I therefore can't be sued for any and all cases of being a dick)

    I honestly almost missed this post since lately I don't get to troll blogs as much as I used to. I'm checking my blogroll very seldom these days and will need to remedy that or suffer terrible wrath (I'm sure).

    I'm looking forward to the series, but have absolutely no idea what to expect. The usual for you blog then. :D

  2. Hmm, yes, I guess I didn't think that through, did I? :)