Monday, June 13, 2011

Enter the Tiger

After a significant delay and a whole lot of procrastination, I have wrestled my altoholic (or should I say tankoholic) nature to the ground and finally bought (cue dramatic drums) the Tiger. My plan from the beginning was to do German Heavies, and Russian TD's but unfortunately I spent a lot of time on the Russian TD's before I realized that they just weren't for me.

Ah well, live and learn...maybe. I couldn't, of course, simply get the Tiger and get on with it...oh no, that would be too easy. I had managed to save up 75k in free experience and 2.1 million credits when I finally broke and decided to go on a spree. You see, the plan to get the Tiger was fighting for primacy with my desire to try out different tanks.......what about the American mediums, a voice whispered. You like the Ram II, don't you? Wouldn't you like to drive a Sherman? Of course you would.

And what about those Russian mediums. I hear they're pretty fast- maybe that's where your true calling lies- the old turn and burn. What could be the harm, the voices asked, in trying them all. A stronger man would have resisted. A player more dedicated to reaching the 'end game' would have laughed at those voices. The hell with you, he would have said.

That man, as you may have figured out, is not me. If I am anything, I am a dedicated, hard-core altoholic, and if you suffer from this terrible affliction you will know what I did. I got them all!

So much for wrestling my nature to the ground.

M3...I hope it plays better than it looks.

In Soviet Russia, the mediums come to you.

I don't care what anyone says. It's a Tiger. It's a Legend.

If you're thinking the Tiger looks a lot like the VK3601H (and who wouldn't be) you aren't wrong- they are the tank just before the Tiger and although they are classified as a medium they play a lot like a heavy with their heavily armored fronts. It's one of the reasons I do fairly well with it- I have a nasty habit of poking my nose out when I should be hiding and subsequently drawing fire.

The Baby Tiger.

When you transfer an experienced crew from one tank to another you lose the 100% (if you have managed to get them that high) experience rating (unless of course you pay some gold) but I've recently figured out that because you keep your special skills (repair, camouflage, or firefighting) it is a good idea to keep the same crew throughout if you are advancing up a line. If you want to keep a tank (as I often you can see by my garage) this may not work but right off the start I figure it's best to go with the 100% crew. I know I'll be using a German Heavy for a while and assume the same for the Russian mediums. I have no aspirations in the American mediums beyond the M4A3E8 Sherman (The Easy 8) but a maxed out crew now will only be better by the time I get there.

Wallet Warrior to the rescue then! I bought 100% crews on all three of my new acquisitions. I was going to buy the Lowe (7500 gold, or about $30) but have decided not to, so in fact, if you think about it, I've saved money by buying more tanks...or something like that anyway which helps me sleep at night (but not last night as I was up playing my new tanks).

So, how did my new tanks fare? Dear reader, I'm shocked you have to ask. I am a capable tanker, damn you! Or maybe not.


Dead, and on fire.

Dead again.
Well, no tank starts out with the greatest of equipment so, like any good craftsmen, I'm blaming my tools. Back to the practice range I guess.

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