Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As The Wurm Turns

Well, other than the fact that I am completely addicted to Wurm, there has been a lot of developments in the 90 or so hours of game-play since my last post. I stayed for some time in that cave/mine I mentioned last time with the body (which did eventually decay). I found out later that bodies usually take 24 hours (real time) to do this so my cave’s previous inhabitant was  freshly dead when I came upon him. After some time in the area I also found out that it was likely a bear that got him as the same brown, furry menace almost had me on a few occasions. Run for your life? Yes, please!

I didn't kill him, honest.
“My” cave turned out to be a public mine that the locals use and didn’t, it seems, like to have doors put on the entrance. My low skills ensured they were able to bash it down quite easily and they were actually pretty good about having me squatting in the area. There were some tense moments when I was mistaken for a horse thief, and when I started to build too near to someone’s boundary. Some kind advice that there was open land ‘over there’ I could settle in made it clear that they really wanted me to move on.

People get awfully nervous about ‘strangers’ in their local area (as observed in local chat which you appear on as you enter). I do understand- nomads have no investment in the area and represent danger: theft, modification, and other general annoyances. Some players have spent a great deal of time building their area to suit their needs and don’t want random people messing with it. I had one jerk, and yes he was a jerk, promptly tell me that if I didn’t leave the area he would aggro a pile of mobs and ensure he brought them my way. As discussed in this article some people are just ethnocentric asshats, even in a virtual world.

I wasn’t ready to settle so I did the next best thing once I went premium: I bought a sailboat. With the ability to fish, the water will always provide the basics, so I though I’d set out and see the Wurm World. I made it most of the way around Crystal Lake in a few (real) days (did I mention the Wurm World is large) and scavenged along the way for anything that was useful. On a humorous note a player who had read my earlier adventures (including the crop-thefts which kept me alive) saw me hit his local channel and pm’d me to see if I was just passing through or should he be worried!

The HMCS Waterford

The truth of it is that there are so many abandoned settlements, houses, and items that you don’t have to steal (which isn’t really allowed on the server in any case). There is plenty for the taking. Along the away I found a gold mine, champion monsters, a starving newbie, and the stupid-looking, young white horse which would change the course of my Wurm adventures.

I am going to continue with my adventures in Wurm in two parts. I will continue As The Wurm Turns to get you caught up on what’s been happening and show you more pictures of my world. I will also begin a new chapter- 80,000 Leagues Under The Wurm, when I once again set out in my boat looking to explore the world. With my alt installed in my settlement to manage the animals and crops I will be setting to the high seas in search of adventure....or more free stuff, whichever comes my way.

I will post the Sandbox Challenge score because that portion of my play is over and before I become an advocate of this game, I will get the review done in a firm, but fair manner. Wurm Online isn’t without its flaws, and it definitely isn’t for everyone but you’d be right in thinking that it will score pretty well overall.


  1. Haha, love it. So you just moved into the local mine and put doors on it? That's hillarious.

    And the guy who pmed you to see if you're going to stay or just passing through to see if he needs to protect his property, that cracked me up! Sounds like fun times. :D

    So now you're living on a boat. That sounds nice, that boat looks a bit small for that though. But if you're adventuring I guess you can't ask for much more.

    PS: What did you do with the starving noobie? Did you help him? :D

  2. I certainly thought it was a good idea. That door saved me from death-by-bear. Damn bear had me trapped in there- had to log till someone killed it lol.

    I've moved on quite a bit since this post- my game play is outpacing my blog posts- but the boat still features in my adventures. Yes, I did help the newbie- he's happy and healthy and living in a village now. My good (virtual) deed of the month is now officially done.

  3. Hehe, I see you're having the same problem as me then with the Dragon Age posts. It's inevitable I guess, there's only so many posts about the same game you can write in a week. :D

    PS: Damn them bears. Always ruining people's fun.

  4. Ya, been lucky with no deaths yet besides the one where I suicided when I got lost and trapped in a lake :)