Thursday, June 16, 2011

As The Wurm Turns: About A Horse I

So my plan was to have a grand adventure. A swashbuckling affair upon the high seas. I was taken with the idea of being a nomad. No one could tie me down- tend crops? Bah, that’s boring. Build a house? Who needs to be tied to one spot? There is a large Wurm-world just waiting to be explored and I was going to see it by god!

Player-built monstrosities such as this mirror the ancient wonders. A blatant display of the ability to gather resources and command labor.

I decided to spend the silver that came with my premium subscription on the biggest boat I could get (as determined by my Mind Logic skill). It wasn’t a yacht but at least it wasn’t a row-boat! My new sailboat was delivered by the shipbuilder right to my door...or rather to my cave entrance. And by ‘my cave’ I of course mean the ‘public mine’ with ‘mine’ still being foremost in my mind.

This self-absorbed me first mentality can be blamed on two things. First on my childhood in which I was blessed with no sibling to share with, and secondly on the fast-paced me-first world of North America where ‘What’s in it for me?’ takes it’s place as our National cry right beside ‘Do they have oil?’ which is, of course, our Foreign Military Intervention Policy (unless the nation is comprised mostly of Black people in which we don’t seem to care if there is oil or not we just stay the hell out...hey, I’m only saying.....).

I was very excited when the boat arrived. So long stinking cave and boring mining-for-stat-increases, hello adventure! I gathered my meager belongings (and those that others had kindly entrusted to me) and piled them in my boat. I was off!

The Wurm world is large and even crossing a relatively small lake takes time. I was still trying to get my bearings so I stuck to the coast. Just a few minutes east I came across a half-decayed settlement called Moonlight Bay which I explored for a little while before continuing on. I put in at several shore-based settlements and poked around to see what I could see.

Sunset at Moonlight Bay
I was hampered by the fact that many of these abandoned settlements had unfriendly wildlife roaming around which I was not equipped to deal with. From monitoring the help channel and reading the Wiki I knew that all I could deal with at my skill, armor (none), and weapon level was a simple rat. Bears I had been nearly killed by earlier and they had a pesky habit of swimming after my boat so I had to give them a wide berth.
I found a few spare tools and some other bits and pieces laying about and a lot of starving animals whose cruel virtual masters had not been logging in to feed. Animals are hard to come by and quite precious (though at the time of this writing a fix has been patched into the game to increase the numbers of domestic and dangerous animals) so it is particularly hard to see large numbers of them penned up and neglected. That and I am a sucker for animals in real life which seems to have spilled over into the virtual world.

And then came the horse. I noticed him when I got to the Steppes on the southeast portion of Crystal Lake 45X, 51Y. Roaming free, young, and fat....and female. The rather large bear also wandering the steppe was going to be a problem. Using all the power of my virtual brain I figured out that if I targeted him and then screamed like a little girl for the nearby tower guards they would kill him for me. Dinner: bear meat. Huzza!

The horse is what’s called ‘non-aggro’ in Wurm which means it isn’t hostile. I had acquired a rope along the way and began to lead the horse. I decided not to tame him because my skill was low (0 actually) and animals can turn on you if you fail in taming. Being trampled to death by an enraged young, fat horse here on the steppe was not how I wanted to end my adventure. Being a ‘newbie’ without a settlement I would re-spawn back at the howl. It would take ages to return to my body to attempt to retrieve my stuff and there was no guarantee it would still be there.

The horse put a bit of a kink in my plan (not that kind of kink, damn you, this isn’t Mexico). She could swim and so long as I was leading she would follow behind the boat. Obviously this wasn’t an ideal solution. I couldn’t pop out and explore for fear the horse would wander off or be taken. I decided (after consulting the help-channel) that I would sell her so I continued on my way and each time I entered a new area I would ask if anyone was looking to buy a horse. Sounds easy, right? Well, sometimes even a simulated virtual life isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Could you have resisted this face?

Could you?


To be continued.


  1. To be continued?

  2. Aye, to be continued. My Wurm series has been going on for a while and will continue to do so. I doubt anyone wants to sit down and read a book so I split up the posts....standard fare for blogging, no?