Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wurm Online V Or The Sandbox Challenge Takes a Summer Vacation

It turns out that you can butcher the corpses of players but you can't eat them. The corpse of my cave’s previous owner began to annoy me. There he is, everyday, just laying there. He’s not contributing (if you ignore the fact he built everything I’m now using of course). He’s just taking up space and I can’t get rid of him. Even after butchering....there he is....staring at me with those lifeless eyes. Oh god, it’s the sound of that hideous heart pounding from beneath the floor boards.

I have also seen corpses floating in the lakes. I wonder how long you have to be logged out before you die, and why do the corpses stick around- assuming of course they are not going to rise and try to eat our brains? It’s an interesting game mechanic and one that I haven’t encountered any where else: dead players become part of the perpetual world. Life after death- like Jesus, or maybe......Black Jesus!

It's only sacrilege if you're Christian.

I think it would be an interesting option to be able to eat them and have it affect your mind/soul attributes. To be frank, this server is too safe. No one can steal, no one can attack. If all we can do is build in relative safety how long until a player gets a bit bored........?

Yes, how long indeed? That was the last thing I wrote during the Sandbox Challenge portion of Wurm online (way back at about 25 hours of game time). Things have gotten a little out of hand now with my logging almost 5 days of game-play. Yes, that's 120 hours, or three times what I had said would be my maximum allowed time in-game. You could say it's all gone a bit pear-shaped . It doesn’t help that I had three weeks away from home with nothing to do in the evenings and Wurm was the only thing that would run on my laptop.....at minimum settings......with no sound. Okay, let’s face it, I like the game. A lot.

And that’s okay with me. I put the challenge together during a time when I had no game I really liked and now I have two. World of Tanks fills my pvp-fix and Wurm fills my pve-fix- and both do it very well. Now that I have discovered the ‘Unstable Wurm Client’ which provides textures, shadows, and scenic distant-views that meet or exceed what you would expect from a ‘AAA’ title I am 100% sold on this game.

I am not going to be stopping Wurm anytime soon. I have, in fact, gone premium with my main (yes, you know where this is going) and rolled an alt-account to take care of some mundane tasks (like endless mining for rock and ore). Long live the alto-holic!

I have created a settlement (Lios An Oir, or ‘fort of gold’) which costs real money (purchased through the Wurm Store or awarded by subscribing) and am completely immersed and hopelessly addicted (a common theme with me, I know). I simply do not want to move on from this game and that could be the best recommendation to give it a try that I can think of.

‘Massively Addicting’ is how I’d describe it. The ability to transform the world around you is intoxicating. I have a vision of what I want my homestead to look like and I can go ahead and create it. It’s what I envision Minecraft is like (likely the home of my future addiction) but with a pioneering feel that really appeals to me. Maybe it resonates with me because I can remember my Great-Grandfather’s stories (yes, I was lucky enough to know him in my lifetime) about how this new frontier was when he arrived, and how hard they worked to survive and transform the land. His father served in the North West Mounted Police in the 1890's prior to enlisting in WWI and those stories too were passed on.

The Law in 1890's Western Canada. For a bit of racial profiling I'd say the chap on the far right is English. Come on, look at him...he's got to be!

The chance to make your own way, to pioneer, to explore, to survive. That was what the ‘new world’ represented, I think, to many (for others religious freedom and/or escape from persecution) and what Wurm provides for its players. There are not many games on the market today where I have had to run from a single mob (bear) or die. With no chance of killing him it was my only choice. What a refreshing change from grinding 20 mobs at a time in Warhammer Online so I could reach Tier 4 (only to die as quickly as I would’ve had I fought that bear).

I will be suspending the Sandbox Challenge and enjoying the games I have chosen to make my ‘mains’. Wurm for its own sake, and World Of Tanks because I like it, and because I am currently  in the competitive wing of my clan which asks for a minimum weekly time commitment. Besides, it’s the summer and since we only have five snow-free months I’m going to get out there and enjoy at least some of it. The Sandbox Challenge will be on summer holidays! Huzzah!

I will continue to blog my adventures in Wurm, World of Tanks, and whatever else I can fit in. Taking three weeks away from your real life gives you a lot of  time to think (or at least while I was fishing, mining, and doing some time-consuming Wurm-related tasks) and I have sketched out a few ideas for some more game-related blog-topics which will obviously feature here. Thanks for hanging with me while I was away. I appreciated your visits, comments, and reading about your adventures on your own blogs.

Oh, and we’ve decided on Hawaii in September!


  1. Hm, it seems like I'll have to give Wurm a go when I get around to it. I never really jumped on the Minecraft bandwagon (although when I first discovered it, much before the commercial succes, I did enjoy it for a while), because it just didn't hold me as well as other games. With that being said, I could probably enjoy Wurm for a few weeks. And if not, at least I can claim to have played it.

    Who knows when I'll get around to it though. I so lazy with these kind of things.

    Oh and Hawaii sounds nice, I've never been there myself but had a friend tell me how much she enjoyed it.

  2. I think Wurm's greatest pull for me at the moment is its solo-ability. You make what you need as you go so there is no real pressing need for a group- though kind neighbors can be a godsend as I'm finding out. A nice, tight knit community for the most part and a damn challenging game.