Monday, May 30, 2011

SU-100, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways: 0

My Russian TD woes continue and you’d be right in thinking that a smarter man would have moved on. Or gotten better. Neither seems to be happening but the whining continues. The problem is twofold: I am stubborn, yes it’s true, but I have now accumulated enough experience to unlock the Tier VII Russian TD, the SU-185. That 30k experience can not be moved, or transferred so I can either forget about it and move on to another class (approach called sensible) or push on and get the next TD in line (approach called foolish).

Paint me foolish, I’m pushing forward...eventually. The stock version of the SU-185 isn’t going to be all bells and whistles. I will potentially be in higher tier battles, and while it will be a step up from the SU-100 in theory, I will be facing tougher opponents. Be warned the complaining could continue for some time.

In other World Of Tank news (or rather my experiences in WoT) I have gone up the German line and am one step away from the Heavy Tiger....ooooohhhh, The Tiger. Rawr, rawr. 

The answer is: Me. I will soon be your Daddy.
I remember reading about the tiger in WWII books and the comics of my youth and am looking forward to trying it out. That is one of the positive, altoholic satisfying things about this game- there is always a different tank to try out. Fast tanks, heavy tanks, tank’s a virtual (pun intended) steel shopping list. 

Title of a comic, or description of my recent SU-100 exploits?

I am keen to try out the American Medium line as I am having a lot of fun with the RAMII (proudly Canadian), and have been programmed as a child to think they are cool. I remember reading these comics and liking them quite a bit. I took a stack of them with me when I went away and re-read some of them to re-kindle those childhood memories.

Oddly enough I've had moments like this in-game.

My in-game Ram II with Canadian decals as per WWII units.

Just love the name of this one.

World Of Tanks has now set a personal record for me: I recently bought their $100.00 gold package making it the most I have dropped on a single game at one time in my gaming history. Huzza! I guess it also makes it the most expensive Free To Play game I have ever played ($160.00 and counting). My excuses are many but primarily since She Who Will Be Named Later will be losing her ‘day-job’ at the end of next month (through no fault of her own she claims) I decided to get one final (or several final if you count my Wurm Premium and Silver purchases) splurge before our income is reduced.

Nothing to do with tanks, but was likely the inspiration behind my Red Baron gaming addiction back in the day.

Yes, I know, poor fiscal management. The sensible thing to do would be to save that money for when she isn’t working, but we made a pact and plunged in together. I get World Of Tanks gold, and she gets a one years subscription to World Of Horses, or some such equestrian magazine she seems to think is necessary now that she is teaching cash-laden fools how to prance about with their ponies. 

Personally, I think I won on that deal because, as the start of WWII showed us, horses are useless against tanks, especially the German Tiger. I’m gonna tear her a new one if she deploys that on the battlefield, no doubt about it, and trust me, I need the win stats for my TD line.

My money's on the one at the back.


  1. As regards to your Russian tank problem, you are suffering from what is known as the "sunk cost fallacy".

  2. You are absolutely right, and that is a much nicer, and more professional way of saying:

    Stop playing something you're not having fun with dummy!