Friday, May 13, 2011

Fortuitous Friday- Riddle Me This

Another (lazy) Fortuitous Friday is upon us and I was quite hoping you'd give me a hand writing this one. I find myself in the rather lovely position of having my holiday plans canceled for the summer. I know that at first glance that sounds bad but it has in fact opened up a wonderful opportunity.

We were set to head back to the UK and Ireland for the obligatory family/friends holiday when we were handed a reprieve. No, no, insisted said family and friends, go somewhere you really want to go. Have a holiday. We can wait. Nice. One. Brutha.

So I'd like to ask you- If you were given this opportunity where would you go? Your time off is booked and the money is in the bank. You can choose to go anywhere you like, but you only have two weeks. Money is an issue so you can only take one return flight. What travel spot would you most like to visit? Would you return to somewhere you loved, or strike out for something new?


  1. Either I'd beach-laze my time around here or I'd go back to Japan (although a Japanese summer is possibly the moistest thing one can ever endure).

  2. It would be the seaside for me, since you need to be somewhere you can bathe and cool off in the summer. And since I'm incredibly uncofortable with change it would probably be the same place I've been going to for the last 5 years. :P

  3. @Sara- Yes, trying to find a compromise between beach laze and something I'd like ;) Japan would be an's so different I'd really have to be in the mood for a cultural adventure. At the moment, however, I'd say tickets there would be quite cheap......

    Blaq- I'm the same really so Belize is one of the options as I've been there before. Hawaii is a nice option for me as well as it would kind of be familiar (American, English speaking) and our dollar is strong against theirs atm.

  4. I'd go to the Scilly Isles for the peace and quiet.
    Or if you are looking further afield it would be the Azores - of the beaten track and a little different.

  5. Beach. Try tropical. That's what I really want. <3

  6. All great ideas, but the pull of Hawaii is strong in this on........

    Malidives and Sicily would be great though..just a bit on the 'other side' of the pond for me which makes flight prices a bit steep.