Friday, May 27, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Is World Of Ticks Really An MMO?

If its true that you 'lean something every day' I guess today I learned that I don't like fasting. I am quite confident that I could have figured that one out without having to fast, but there you go. The doctor (likely a vampire by night) demanded blood and so it came to pass that I spent 12 hours without food or drink. Okay, okay, it's true that I was asleep for 8 hours of that, but still. If you knew how much I liked food, and especially how much I like alcohol, you'd empathize competeley with me. I had an exceptional week at the old Salt Mine as well so I was in the mood to celebrate. Of course when I have a bad week I like to drink as well.... and by week I mean day. So good or bad I'm drinking is the message here.

Three vials (filled with my precious life-blood) later I was free, free! I won't trouble you with images of what had to go into the fourth vial or how I got it there.

She Who Will Be Named Later, The Sultan of Smart, and The Duchess of Dumb accompanied me on this task and I can confidently say they too, do not like me fasting. Crankiness thy name is Gank! Once they were sufficiently calmed from my tea-less fit of rage and secured at home I left for my daily labors....... only to be attacked by a Dog Tick.

Anyone else want my blood? I am no stranger to ticks, believe me. As a dog owner I've had and seen plenty though the first time I encountered one on my dog I had no idea what the hell it was. As a result the 'mysterious thing' just under his eye kept gettting bigger, and bigger....and bigger until I finally clued in and got it off- much to his relief, I'm sure altough it is debatable how grateful he was since I nearly took his eye out with my inexperienced and frantic pulling.

Now I am a wizened veteran to dog ticks. In fact, I had a competition with my dog last year, and I won with seven confirmed, attached ticks. He only had three, likely due to the fact that I give him fea and tick medication- lucky bastard. My all-time record is six on me, at one time (long story involving an ungarded Mexican/Belizian border crossing and a dodgy river).

So with the addition of a second dog (apparently 'dumb' is no defence against ticks), and She Who Will Be Named Later's new career as a horse-instructing person (hmmmm horse blood) I should expect an influx during this summer's Tick Season.

Let World Of Ticks begin- come on, we can all play! It will be massive, multiplayer, and we can post our results online: the perfect MMO. So far I'm up 1-0. Let the games begin.

Bring it on, Tick.


  1. I had to carry a gorged dog tick out of my house (by hand, it was already burst) today, does that count?

    I absolutely hate my (one of them) dog's fascination with ticks. Living near the forest and having dogs with thick, medium length fur, there are tick discoveries daily. The anti-flea and tick medicine serves exactly no purpose (and yet we persist) and one of them won't even allow us to pull any ticks out of him (and by not allow I mean running away from anyone trying).

    So we regularly have gorged ticks falling out and one of the dogs regularly takes them in her mouth and rolls them around until she punctures them and spits them out. And then they splatter all over the floor. Damn it, I hate ticks. I hate stupid dogs!

    Sorry for grossing your readers out. :(

  2. That's hilarious! Gorged ticks falling everywhere- gross but funny (because it's not me).

    Stupid truck is infested with ticks from the stables. Had another one on my neck on the way home and crushed one running toward my leg.

    That's 2-0 for me in World of Ticks :)