Tuesday, April 5, 2011

WoT: Rampaging Ram

Have you ever had one of those gaming sessions where everything just goes your way? There are times I have had such great pvp-sessions that afterwards I just walk away. Done. Nothing could top it, so why bother? Anything else- a loss, a minor victory- is just an enormous let down. I had one of those moments in World Of Tanks and it was brilliant. I finished the battle and thought- to hell with this, I’m logging off and enjoying the buzz of that one for the rest of the night!

I'm really liking my Ram II- a premium medium tank I have discussed previously. It is a beast of a medium that boasts some tough armor, decent speed, and a great rate of fire. I’ve also been learning how to play better in general, and am starting to finally win more than I lose. I expect that once I finally start teaming up with my new clan (which is long overdue) I’ll be able to increase my win percentage even more. As they were the 2nd placed team in the US Ural Championships, and finalists in the EU Championships I am sure I will be learning a lot. They missed a trip to Russia by this much (imagine fingers pinched closely together).

It was in my precious Ram that I made the mad dash to victory, and had my best outing yet. I followed a heavy tank who was breaking out on our right flank with another medium for support. I stayed slightly behind him, and was able to engage targets as he, well....tanked. Because he is the heavy most of the fire was concentrated toward him. I was lucky (and a bit clever in my positioning) and combined with my good armor I was able to survive the initial encounter with a pile of tank destroyers and artillery strikes (how many in a pile, you wonder? Around four as I recall).

Once the damage started to mount I decided to push ahead and before I knew it I was alone in the enemies camp facing a few artillery and a tank destroyer. My support, or rather the tanks I was supporting, were smoking ruins behind me. It wasn’t until I saw the final tally that I realized just what an incredible run it was! Thanks to the unknown heavy tanker (and the other medium) who made this possible.

Add caption? How about 'Holy Crap, Tank-Man!'

Winner: most definitely me! Huzzah!

Luckily I wasn’t so high on my own victory I forgot to take some screen pics! This way I can print them out and roll around in them laughing manically while re-living my run to victory or, better yet, sew them together and wear them as a dress! Get in! 
A Confederate again and this time north of the Mason-Dixon line! Sacrilege!

And this...well, this is just too funny not to post. I know it's getting a little old now (kind of like all that Chuck Norris garbage) but what the heck!

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