Monday, April 11, 2011

World of Tanks Week Begins! Mit Tank!

It's World Of Tanks release week so I have designed a splashy new logo to celebrate!

Never fear- I am not succumbing to the call of the WoT Siren (presumably pictured below). My blog won't descend into a tank-lined pit of.....tanks? It's all systems go here- Sandbox Challenge, Fortuitous Fridays, Manic Mondays......hey, wait, that last one doesn't exist....or does it? Maybe it should! Maybe not! Who, other than my psychiatrist, can decide?

Hmmm...I'm not quite sure what the suggestion here is. I'm sensing it's quite subtle..something clever......Can anyone help me figure it out? Is it, "the Nazi's had nice hats"? Or maybe "Wear you're safety boots at all times?"

World of Tanks will be releasing tomorrow but I'm not all that excited. I haven't booked the day off or anything, although now that you mention it I do feel a little under the weather, and what's that? I'm looking pale...well, okay, you're the doctor (probably). Just send me a note so the overseers will hold the whip on my return to The Quarry.

Maybe that's my "new thing": gaming indifference. To be fair, the game-play won't be changing and I have been playing it a lot (750+ battles) so the newness factor isn't there. It will be nice to know that whatever I manage to accomplish or attain from here on in won't be wiped however. It will also be nice to group up with clan-members and start the race up the tank tech trees with people who know tactics (one of our clan-mates teaches tank drivers I do real life). True to my altoholic nature I am having a hard time narrowing my choices down and fear I may end up with loads of medium-tiered tanks and no tier 10 bad-boys in my garage. Note to self: focus damn you, focus!

Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it all. I have pre-ordered the medium package for $67 which gets me 17k gold, and a sexy looking German medium tank (did I just say 'sexy' with regards to a tank......?). I have finally, finally ordered my new gaming headset (Razer Carcharias for those interested) and in one of those moments that makes you stop and go:

Oh, ya, that's why I married you, you're fucking awesome!

She Who Will Be Named Later has suggested, and I have concurred, that a larger monitor would be much more suitable for our gaming/BBC I-Player watching lifestyle. Get In! 24" Samsung inc!

I love you I-Player.....oh, ya, and you too dear

In contrast, when Warhammer launched I just about wet myself with excitement. I had pre-ordered and once that game came in I was glued to the computer for days (months). I was extremely unemployed (hey, I have a great idea, lets move to Edinburgh on the Friday before the banks collapse and 20k jobs are lost in a week and look for work!) so I had lots of time to log in and play. Well, playtime less the server que times and all the crashes....and that first week when thousands of us couldn't log in and no one knew why........I think I may cry.

Have you seen High Fidelity with John Cusack? Well, if so, Warhammer would be my all time greatest gaming breakup. You hurt me bad War-baby and now I find myself very nervous around new games. I have a hard time opening up to them, you know, really trusting them..... Alright, that's a bit extreme but you know what I'm saying. Three years after launch, and months after I've stopped playing I'm still a bit bitter but that's just a sign that I should have stopped playing a bit sooner I guess.

So here we are on the eve of WoT release which reminds me, I've been having a niggling itch of a craving to go back to Eve online lately. My 'Judgement Post' got me thinking about it quite a bit, and my new gaming partner...ok, hold up for a second. Lets name him because this is starting to sound like some kind of gay and or yuppie relationship. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against gay people. Yuppies I freaking hate, but not gay people. Why is it that heterosexual couples say 'my partner?' It sounds ridiculous. If your married say 'wife' or 'husband'. If you're not married, and only living together then your making baby Jesus cry and you're going to hell so smarten up. If you're only dating then they are you're boy/girl friend. Keep it simple, ya?

Anyhooooo. Aka- my non-intimate, same-sex, gaming partner- mentioned he wanted to play Eve and I got to thinking....hmmmm, we could group up and then I could very easily (because he'd be so new) gank him (just for the fun of it) and add that to my kill score, because isn't that what Eve is all about? No, I wouldn't really do that! I'm not that cruel (and he'd have piss poor loot as well).

We are, however, finding A Tale in the Desert to be.......well......a little dry but I'll be talking more about that tomorrow.

You see? It has always been my contention that subtle is sexy. I don't need the tail rudder of the plane jammed in, or near, her genitals to remind me that I like women and that men and women have sexual relations (but only if you're married otherwise, as I said above, you're going to hell).


  1. Too bad I'm too girly and find no appeal whatsoever in a game solely about tanks. Otherwise sounds like it might be fun.

    There's only one tank (more APC actually) thing I like and that's the Chaimite and only for historical reasons.

  2. Ahhhhh...the Chaimite...I had to look that one up! Made in Portugal :)

    Yes, indeed, you're missing out on some good pvp-fun, but I understand that tanks, and arena style battles aren't for everyone