Wednesday, April 20, 2011

thegankian Classifieds: Homes Needed

Classifieds: Home's Needed


We are looking for a ‘forever’ home for your 4-year-old Caucasian, human female. She is potty trained and is good with other children, cats, and adults. She is a lot of fun to play with and is really starting to talk now. They are so cute at this age! Don’t miss out.

She comes with a full wardrobe of clothing, a box of toys, and an entire bedroom furniture set. We have her papers, and she is up to date on all her shots.

We just adore her, but she no longer suits our lifestyle as we have adopted a new puppy, and they just don’t get along. If we can’t find her a home by the end of the month we will have to surrender her to social services.

If you’re interested please let us know at:


  1. It is really annoying when you have children and then you find out that they don't match your couch or the curtains or something. And the operation to alter skin tone is SO expensive.

  2. Yes it is, just ask Michael Jacks- oh, wait, never mind.