Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ode To My Monitor

Alas, Poor Samsung....I knew him, Horatio.

Well alright, that's not an ode and we all know it, but I'm short on caring today. I'm a member of the 'Everything Happens For a Reason' camp but I'm struggling with this one today I have to say. Maybe it only applies to the really big things- like losing a job, or getting in an accident. In any case on today, the Day of All Days- otherwise known as the World of Tanks release- my monitor craps out. It has finally done what I have somedays wished I could do- it has entered sleep mode and will not awaken.

Maybe I'm being punished for yesterdays wise-crack about having to talk to the neighbors. Fortunately for me (or so I thought at the time) She Who Will Be Named Later took ill today (I said fortunately for me, not her) and I chivalrously offered to stay home and tend her sweaty brow. It had barely occurred to me that today was the WoT release, I assure you. My dear, dear wife was ill- what could I do?

So I was home and barely (I assure you) cognizant of the fact that WoT would be releasing at some point during the day, but it was not to be. The monitor, which I had forgotten to turn off last night (which I never, ever do) was a frustrating black screen, and I spent a few hours reviving this antiquated laptop and searching for possible solutions to my problem. I realized fairly quickly that my computer was okay (or so I am hoping) but the monitor was dead.

Ironically enough, we had decided to purchase a bigger monitor and it has just left Ontario via UPS to be delivered Thursday so all is not lost. Delayed, yes, lost, no. In another ironic (and somewhat cruel) twist of fate, after yesterday's comment about the neighbors I did, in fact, spend a good part of the day outside, talking to said neighbor. I had to repair my back gate and as I was doing so a section of the back fence decided that today would be a wonderful time to simply collapse. I'm no engineer but it seems to me that when you build stuff on a filled in swamp subsidence will eventually occur during one of the many spring floods.

Hmmm...random interjection: I was just interrupted by the door. A woman stood on my front step. She introduced herself warmly and informed me that she was canvassing for cancer. I smiled sadly and told her that I wouldn't vote for cancer no matter what it's policies were.

So with the fence up, the gate fixed, the wife near death, and the dogs cowering with fear in the corner (oh, not really....I hardly ever beat them...well, not the older one anyway. The puppy gets a kick near daily.....but I digress) I moped about like a little kid. No computer? Now what am I supposed to do? Go outside and enjoy the spring which has (finally) arrived? Take the dogs for a walk? <Gasp> Read a book? Preposterous! The answer, my friends:


Yes, drink. And why not? World Of Tanks finally launched at 1600 hrs and where was I? Writing this blog...sober. Just great (ummmm, no offence, though, I do appreciate you being here). Well, we can certainly fix that in short order (the getting drunk part, not the you being here part). To be honest the monitor has done quite well for me. It is only four years old but it has traveled far. I ordered it from Germany while I was living in Ireland, and took it to Scotland when we moved. I then packed it up, stuffed it in a box and said good-bye for six months while it made its way, by boat, to Canada. I have since moved twice. It's due a bit of a rest then. I am also ferociously brand-loyal to Samsung for some strange, misguided reason (yes, the new monitor is another Samsung).

None of my online games will run on this old laptop- bless it's soul. It has served me well so I won't complain. It was sent to me from Canada almost six years ago when I was in Ireland and has accompanied me on no less than 20 separate house-moves across three countries. It has had beer, and wine spilled onto it, and has been repaired, or patched three times. God Bless you Toshiba. If only you made monitors I would surely betray Samsung and by one.

Back to the beginning then- if everything happens for a reason is there a point to the dead monitor on game day? The collapsed fence? The chatty neighbor? The cancer-canvasser? I don't know but it has been my experience that life can be interesting, mischievous, cruel, and kind so we will see what comes of this. A hangover tomorrow, probably followed by a cramp-inducing two-day WoT session with a massive monitor on the weekend but beyond that? Who knows.

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