Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hmmm...Things That Rhyme With: OMG I Hate Not Having A Computer!

So as it turns out, obsessively entering your number into the UPS tracking box does not, in fact, cause the package to arrive any sooner. I could likely get funding to study that from some government department somewhere. It's about as useful, and predictable as the the ones that surface every 3-5 years such as:

  1. Study finds that children from alcoholic homes don't perform well in school.
  2. Study finds that women who drink while pregnant have children with learning difficulties (true story, saw this one again just last year).
  3. Smoking linked to cancer deaths.
  4. Driving while- drinking, texting, or getting/giving oral sex- increases the chances you will get into an accident.

No shit? Really. Fascinating Professor. Do tell me more, and oh, won't you please, please take another 350k of my tax dollars to do it? Have I ever mentioned that I hate academics? Yup. Good. Lets move on.

As you can tell I'm not handling the whole "two days without a computer thing very well". I'm cranky as hell, but it's interesting to see just how much of an impact it has on my daily life. I do not watch television (except I-Player and Channel 4 streamed in via dodgy-proxy) and my only console is a PS2 (but no tele to hook it to) so the PC is my main source of entertainment. Well, that and kicking the Duchess of Dumb which I mentioned yesterday. Oh, and the Sultan of Smart is a Frisbee dog so he's loads of fun, but at the moment its still too we to be out in the park properly and there's only so many times you can kick a puppy before it get starts to feel a bit grindy, you know? Kick-squeal-kick-cower-kick-yelp-ding.

You Have Leveled Up. 

Huzzah! I'm a rank 4 Puppy Kicker. Get in!

So what's a poor boy to do? Drink, yes, we covered that yesterday and there is, in fact, still some of the Laphroaig left (thanks be to God). And blog, of course. What would my evening be if I neglected to spew my various witty (or so I think), smart-ass comments out to the world? I was hoping I could load up Wurm Online at least and continue the Sandbox Challenge, but alas, I can't even run that on this old fella- Akaz if you're reading this don't let our crops die! I'll be along soon.

I've avoided, for the most part, reading about how the World of Tanks release is going. Fine I'm assuming. I did jealously read some posts from my clan-mates on our forum, and didn't note anything disastrous. Imagine a game with no server crashes on launch? Who would have thought it possible- ya, okay, sorry RIFT, you did very well too. Good boy.

I have also been making my rounds through the blog-o-sphere seeing what other are up to but I do that every day anyway so nothing really new there. I'm really enjoying SynCaine's discussion about his perfect Sandbox game. His blog was one of the first that I discovered and his preference for Sandbox games mirrors my own (still can't figure out why he's so taken with RIFT but never-mind I shall overlook this blunder). I really liked what he said regarding crafting:

First and foremost the crafting itself would be one-click simple. If you want to play a mini-game, find a mini-game online or get a Wii. Crafting should be more about the economics and supply/demand than who can play a poor mans version of Tetris (or worse) better.

As I discussed in my post about A Tale in the Desert this is what I hate: the pointless mini-game. I'm not sure I'd want crafting to be a simple click...well, scratch that, maybe I would. Ryzom had a great crafting system that was also very simple. You just clicked on the materials box and a list of materials you currently had that could be slotted in popped up. Easy stuff. A Tale, on the other hand assumes that people interested in a crafting game will also be interested in picking grass......have I complained about that enough yet...good, we'll move on from that as well.

It should be, fingers crossed, my last day in computer-less limbo. If all goes well the monitor will arrive tomorrow while I am away and there will be no additional problems (such as a broken PC) to contend with. She Who Will Be Named Later will be working at the Sweat Shop in the evening so I should be happily raging at WoT noobs shortly after I stuff some food in my face and load it up. If everything goes all Pete Tong then you'll likely be treated to another tirade. Happy days.


  1. I don't even own a TV, so if my computer busted, yeah I'd be pitching a fit too.

    Wait...driving while receiving oral sex study, I can get 350k for that? Show me what paper work I need to fill out

  2. lol! I hear that...but with my luck I'd get stuck in the control group, or worse yet I'd be assigned to the passenger seat :-)