Friday, April 15, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Mit Fortuity!

I was all set to write a big rant this morning. Yesterday wasn't a very good day- or so I thought. That's the funny thing about stress: when you are in the middle of it's, well, stressful. What one person finds to be stressful might not bother another person at all but the point is, if you find it stressful, then it is.

So I was going to rant. And then I decided not to bother posting. Then I decided to heck with it all. I have a very, very deep hatred for UPS. I understand that the word 'hate' is a very strong statement, but trust me, I hate them. They have absolutely infuriated me through the years in various countries across the world. They are so bad that when I go to order something if I note that UPS is their carrier I will go elsewhere. Yesterday's performance was one more in a long line of disappointments which turned quickly into anger as their 'customer service' was anything but.

I have now nicknamed these session as UPS-Rage. Fear it my friends, fear it. It was so bad the Duchess of Dumb ran from the room and cowered in her little house, and the Sultan Of Smart (who has survived multiple UPS-Rage sessions) followed me nervously around the house sitting nicely and raising his paw in an attempt to placate me. No, I'm not proud that I made my beloved little puppy so afraid, nor that I made my constant companion nervous and stressed, but that's the great thing about dogs. They  forgive you almost immediately whereas we beat ourselves up for ages over these things. I wish humans could be more like them to be honest: loyal, honest, forgiving and routine-loving. We'd be a lot happier I think.

In any case I have had some time to cool off, and the package- my brilliant, working, 24' Samsung monitor, my new Razer headset, and a birthday present for She Who Will Be Named Later did arrive thanks to my wonderful neighbor who brought the mis-delivered items to my door..... to be greeted by a fuming, soaking (I had been in the shower), shirtless man he doesn't really know all that well. Fair play to him for being so nice- both with the returned package, and pretending not to notice I was just out of the shower, mostly naked, and pissed off-looking.

So the stage was set for a rant. I had managed to get in a few games of World Of Tanks which only served to infuriate me more as I went 0-7 due to what could only be described as the worst PUG play I have ever been a part of in WoT. But there's the catch- I was a part of it. I was pissy and my play likely suffered for it. This morning, however, after arriving at the Nickle Mine I realized that life isn't actually all that bad- even despite the snow which has again started to fall, delaying spring, and is predicted to continue into next week. Think about it:

If my biggest problem is that my 24' computer monitor was delivered to the wrong house then life must be pretty good overall, no?

It's also Friday and that, in itself, is often a soothing tonic....hmmm note to self, buy Gin. So it is Fortuitous Friday and though I have nothing really witty or all that interesting to say I thought I'd pop in to say hello, and do a bit of an explanation today.

You will note, from time to time, that some of my posts contain Mit (as in Mit Tanks!)- which is, of course, German for 'with'. I don't speak German and other than a rather frightful experience at Frankfurt airport, I have never been to Germany. I once had a German pen-pal named Petra but that was when I was 10 (random fact). All in all, I'm not familiar with Germany and I don't hold any particular fascination with them- though in WoT I will be levelling up to drive the German Heavy Tiger, and I will soon be running amok with my premium German Medium tank which came with my gold purchase. I will also say, for the record, that they were the best-dressed army in WWII. Hugo Boss did the Nazi uniforms so how could they not look good?

The frequent use of "Mit" is an inside joke between She Who Will Be Named Later and myself. We used a lot of German mail order sites while living in Ireland and one of them was for pet food and toys. I placed an order for some dried tripe (which subsequently made my dog's hair fall out...sorry about that buddy) and we couldn't stop laughing over the fact that the packaging stated:

Tripe Treats. Mit Tripe!

I guess it isn't any more ridiculous than, say, juice containers proudly proclaiming: Now with real juice! but it seemed quite funny to us at the time. I love pointing out humorous signs and I especially like ones which point out the painfully obvious. That's it then. Not very exciting today but we did learn a few facts:

  1. UPS sucks and blows.
  2. Hugo Boss did designer uniforms for the Nazi's.
  3. Simple things amuse me: Mit Amusement!
  4. My neighbors are nice people.
  5. I will be playing WoT until my eyeballs bleed whilst staring at my new monitor and cocooned in my new headset (which has made She Who Will Be Named Later laugh manically whic can only mean, of course, they are very sexy. Rarwwww).

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. This is silly.

    Mit silly?

    PS: What headset did you get? Just so I can hate you, because I can barely afford the cheaper Razer mice.

  2. I got the Characias- basically a mid-range for $ 85.00 Canadian. I have the Naga mouse so I thought I'd give the headset a go. Just got home and was going to plug in now :)