Friday, April 1, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Lund Sweater Lust Ends

Last weekend saw the conclusion of The Killing which I recommended on a previous installation of Fortuitous Friday. After watching only a few episodes I was confident in recommending it to the world. It maintained a nice pace, believable characters, and was well-written. One of the best things I can say about it was this: every week, when we sat down to watch it, I would say ‘oh, ya, I forgot it was subtitled’.

I was thinking about this series, and its characters a lot, and as I became familiar with them, and drawn to the story I literally forgot they weren’t speaking English! I think that any written, or acted work that can transcend the language barrier is one that is well done indeed.

You may also remember (or read, if you follow the link) that I said I knew who the killer was, and would, in the end, say if I was right or wrong. Now, we all know I’m not usually one to blow my own trumpet (where is that incessant trumpet-blowing coming from?) but I was, unfortunately for my already inflated ego, correct.

It’s sometimes slightly painful to be right about these things so often, mostly because people are inclined to hit me when I dance around them in a circle singing “I told you so, I told you so, you’re all dumb and I am so smart!”

Yes, indeed, by the end of episode two the offender (not a suspect at the time) was painfully obvious to me. The script writers did a good job trying to hide the obvious, but I stuck with him. Overall it was very well done and there were only a few mistakes in the way the baddie was written (and how he behaved) that I could point out.

This drama was compelling, interesting, and the characters were very real. The focus on the family and how their lives were forever changed was a refreshing inclusion in a genre that usually follows the police, focuses on (often incorrect) forensic techniques, and glorifies the offender. The final scene of the series is a masterpiece of realistic human emotion, and feeling. It avoids any hint of a hollywood-esque ending and avoids phony drama and action (but it is exciting). I can’t recommend this series enough, and if you can’t get the BBC, I suggest you buy it (if possible) or download it from another source.

There is a second Danish series coming in the fall, and I understand that ‘the Americans’ (whoever they happen to be) will be re-doing the first series. After watching a few ‘re-brandings’ made by (or for) “American” audiences I would suggest you watch the original. I never like them as much because I think that, for whatever reason, producers don’t trust us North American’s to pick up on, or enjoy, some of the subtleties of a well-written drama. 

That said, the American market is a huge one, so good for them. I hope proceeds go to the original writer who deserves the recognition (and cash). I’d also like to say, very un-humbly, that I would be happy to help with the second season (or the American re-write) because, after watching the 20-second trailer, I think I already know who did it. My brilliance is blinding, isn’t it? What can I say? Learn to write, noobs.

I will, however, wait until after at least the second episode to cockily announce to the world that I’ve solved the case. In the meantime it's:

Gankalicious: 1


The Killing Script Writing Team: 0

Winner: me. Huzzah!

That’s it, happy Friday everyone, and if you’ve come here on a Lund Sweater Google search I just want to say my title was a cheap ploy just to see how many random page-views I could pull in- but I really do hope you enjoyed the review! This is primarily a gaming blog but I stretch my literary wings on Fridays.

For my regular readers, just to explain, the sweaters worn by the lead detective in the series were driving the fashion and knitting world crazy (or as crazy as a bunch of knitters can get, I guess- oooh, look, it’s the stich and bitch group, watch out!). She Who Will Be Named Later’s blog post on the subject went ballistic for page views (still the number two on Google searches for Lund Sweater) so I thought I’d try a social (blogging) experiment. Her post, incidentally, is actually about the sweater but if you link over, be warned:

SPOILER ALERT: the killer is revealed in that blog post (but I bet you can’t resist).

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