Friday, April 22, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: I Am What I Am

Friday is upon us and although I debated taking the entire weekend off, I just couldn't miss out on my random, rambling Friday Post.

As I make my way through my blogroll I often come across in-depth, often quite passionate and intelligent discussions taking place about this gaming issue, or that ‘sudden’ gaming controversy. Is RIFT going to last? Is the Dungeon Finder destroying our social fabric? I will sometimes even take part or at least post my view on the subject before moving on. The issues are timely and I see that these blogs get a great deal of traffic and sometimes 100's of comments.

I then think that maybe I should be tackling the great gaming issues of the 21st century in an attempt to enter into a meaningful dialogue with the blog-o-sphere. What's wrong with me, I think? I have lots of ideas, don't I? Don't I?

I do enjoy reading the debates that come up from time to time, and the thought has occurred to me that the lack of engagement I feel with them could merely be a reflection of my (lack of) social skills in general. I think that a lot of things are simply understood, and therefore don’t need to be discussed. Social grouping in games with complete strangers isn’t always fun? Really, do go on. Have you been on a bus lately? Chatted to the person next to you did you? Did you talk to that disheveled (obviously mentally ill) woman talking to herself in the Walmart line? No? Shocking.

You see, this is why I can’t take part in these debates. I come off like an ass, and would rather people visit my blog for a bit of gaming fun and some light-hearted (most of the time) discourse. Life is filled with weighty issues and important debates so I’d rather let my free time be light and fluffy, like a cloud or a merry-go-round....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It also strikes me that because of this I may not get a lot of readers compared to these 'finger on the pulse' bloggers. And, most importantly I have to ask myself, does that matter? I do sometimes get a bit jealous when I see blog’s with large readerships. It’s just human nature, I think, to compare yourself to others. It comes down to asking some serious questions:  How do I measure success? What is ‘good enough’? Why do I blog?

The answer to the latter should be, at all times, because I enjoy it, and I do. As for measuring success and dealing with blogging jealousy well, what can I say? I’m human. In the end, however, I have to admit to myself that in all my time on this planet, in my darkest hours, or in my greatest triumphs how many people can I call on for help? Good friends are few and far between and the older I get the more I realize this. I’m not talking about ‘friends’ you hang with at college or mates on the job. True friends. Friends who would do anything for you at any time. They are a small but good group and I think that maybe the people who I reach with this blog are the same.

So here is a happy Friday story proving that there are nice people in left in the world:

Last Friday, as I was driving home, I heard a song on the local community radio station that I kind of fancied. Thanks to the 'tinternet any song you can hum you can now find. God bless you Google. The problem was the song I heard was obviously a cover and not the original. Giddy from the impending weekend that was to be filled with gaming I took a chance and emailed the radio station:


Just a shot in the dark here- any chance you can tell me who the
artist was who was played on the Friday April 15th Show at
approximately 1630hrs? It was a cover of Greyhound's I am What I Am.

If not, no worries, just thought I'd try :)
Expecting no reply I was tickled to get the following reply:

The record you heard, "I Am What I Am" was a recording by Canadian vocalist Lois Fletcher and was released by Playboy Records ( Canada ) in March, 1974.

Ms. Fletcher was a member of a late-1960's folk-pop group called The Back Porch Majority and apparently had solo releases on about three different labels during the seventies.

The version of this recording you heard was not the full-time single version. It was an edited version released on a K-Tel Records' compilation. K-Tel was able to more easily licence singles for their compilations by agreeing to use an edited version. This also enabled them to fit more tracks on a record. If you'd like to hear the full version of this single, go to You Tube and enter "Lois Fletcher I Am What I Am" into the search field.

Thank You for your question and for listening to "Boss Radio" and 91.3 FM CJTR:

It's only a small thing, but still, it gives me hope that not everything in our world is falling apart. A fitting end, then, is the song that inspired all this. Happy (Good) Friday everyone!

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