Friday, April 29, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Boring Informational Edition

In case you are new, or have been skimming (or skipping) posts I am going to be leaving for most of May on a Top Secret Mission for the overseers at the Biological Weapons Development Facility. I will have access to the good ole internet so I will continue to post, but I will not be able to play any online games. Booooooooo, hisssssssss.

I know, I know. It's pretty tragic, I agree, especially after bouncing back from a series of so-so World Of Tanks sessions with some good fun last night (even with the dreaded SU-100) thanks to some great platooning. And my beloved Wurm...sigh...soon my love, soon. The things I do for the good of the nation, let me tell you!

I will continue to blog and I am going to take the opportunity to really read a lot of the other blogs out there. I read my blog roll daily but when I get busy I may not have the time to comment as I'd like, or really give a lot of thought to what's been posted. I hope to do some longer pieces on some 'serious' gaming topics (well not too serious but some thoughts I have anyway) and be active in commenting on other people's posts- so beware, I'll be watching you...........hmmmmmm, that sounded a bit more sinister than I intended. Oh well, if it works for Sting, good enough for me I guess.

I think it's time for a Friday song and although my first though was to play 'Every Breath You Take' that might just continue the whole creepy stalker theme and might start making the people on my blogroll a little nervous. I did come across this which is hilarious. I couldn't embed it (sorry about that) but take a look if you feel like a chuckle.

Happy Friday everyone!

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