Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Addicted (Again)

As per my prediction I have, in fact, been playing World of Tanks until my eyes (almost) bleed. I’m haven’t had this much fun playing a game since...well, I want to say Warhammer Online because I did have loads of fun when it first released. It was my first taste of world pvp and I loved it! The scale of the battles was epic as well, and....oh, never mind. We all know how great it was and it just annoys me to think of what it became.

I want to say Warhammer but I can’t. I haven’t had this much fun since my Guild Wars days when I played Guild vs. Guild pvp battles. Warhammer was fun but I missed that organized, know your role, must use teamspeak, listen to your leader, organized pvp. And the rankings: God, I’m hooked on stats. Battles won, damage dealt, player ranking boards (look at me, I’m in the top 20,000, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee).

I love that type of stuff and WoT has it all. If they ever implement the feature that allows you to watch top-teams battle (like in Guild Wars) I’d likely watch that too! That said it is rapidly becoming apparent to me that my clan is, in fact (and no thanks to me as I’ve just joined) one of the top clans. WoT features 3-man platoons as well as larger company-based fights (I’ve yet to do those) and using voice-coordinated tactics really pays off both in wins, and fun.

I’m surprised as how easily I’ve slid back into co-ordinated voice-coms after being away from it for so long. I’ve touched on this previously but I haven’t had a headset since I sort-of retired from Guild Wars. If I was honest the game (Guild Wars) was starting to have a negative social impact on my real life so I decided to take a rest. Older, wiser, and simply busier, lessons have been learned so it will not be a problem again.
The guys in my clan have proven so far to be mature, fun, and good at the game. It certainly helps that a lot of them are current, or ex-military folk which suits me fine as well. I’m very much the type of person who likes to know what their role is, and doesn’t mind following orders (in game-life anyway!) especially when those orders are sensible and lead to victory.

I am going to continue having fun with WoT but that does not mean it will be the only thing I play. I am still very much enjoying my sandbox challenge and am about 7 hours into Wurm Online. I want to make some time for Wurm this week, but as I am currently starving (due to some bad decision on my part early in the game), far from the ‘free food’ available to newbies, and unable to walk far due to my hunger (vicious catch 22, that) I am somewhat dreading logging in. I am going to have to beg locals for food.....again......only this time in a virtual world.

I will also be posting the scoring of A Tale In The Desert later this week so never fear my friends! Despite Tank-mania, and birthday extravaganza’s the blog will continue as it always has. I started as a Warhammer-focussed blog and spread out fairly quickly. Now I find myself really enjoying the Fortuitous Friday posts, as well as flexing my (hopefully) humorous muscles in thegankian feature.

I’m not sure at this stage where the blog is heading- I never really thought about it- but since games occupy at least 80% of my free time I can guarantee it will always be game-centric. I am also contemplating starting a separate blog to document some of my adventures during the seven years I was away from Canada but that is only in the planning stages for the moment....can’t seem to squeeze enough time in between battles!


  1. I find it ironic that this sentence "If I was honest the game (Guild Wars) was starting to have a negative social impact on my real life so I decided to take a rest. Older, wiser, and simply busier, lessons have been learned so it will not be a problem again." is resting under the title of "Addicted (Again)". :D

    But yeah, it's all about the control. And as long as you post at least one confusing post a day, we'll know you're still around. :P

    Btw, great "and in the game" joke there with begging villagers for food. I'm kinda scared of doing those jokes because they can get out of hand very quickly. :P

  2. Yes, a man of many contradictions, that's me! My addictions are many and changing so I've learned to live with them. Most are harmless fun but GW got out of hand so I faded into silence and got rid of my headset :)

    Maybe addictions is the wrong word...obsessions is probably better. Sounds friendlier doesn't it? Wouldn't you rather, say, go for a drink with an obsession as opposed to an addiction? Addiction sounds hard core, like you'll be sucking beer out of the beer-mats by the end of the night whereas obsession makes you think you'll likely drink a bit much and wake with a bit of a hangover with no harm done.

    Or maybe that's just me.