Friday, April 29, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Boring Informational Edition

In case you are new, or have been skimming (or skipping) posts I am going to be leaving for most of May on a Top Secret Mission for the overseers at the Biological Weapons Development Facility. I will have access to the good ole internet so I will continue to post, but I will not be able to play any online games. Booooooooo, hisssssssss.

I know, I know. It's pretty tragic, I agree, especially after bouncing back from a series of so-so World Of Tanks sessions with some good fun last night (even with the dreaded SU-100) thanks to some great platooning. And my beloved Wurm...sigh...soon my love, soon. The things I do for the good of the nation, let me tell you!

I will continue to blog and I am going to take the opportunity to really read a lot of the other blogs out there. I read my blog roll daily but when I get busy I may not have the time to comment as I'd like, or really give a lot of thought to what's been posted. I hope to do some longer pieces on some 'serious' gaming topics (well not too serious but some thoughts I have anyway) and be active in commenting on other people's posts- so beware, I'll be watching you...........hmmmmmm, that sounded a bit more sinister than I intended. Oh well, if it works for Sting, good enough for me I guess.

I think it's time for a Friday song and although my first though was to play 'Every Breath You Take' that might just continue the whole creepy stalker theme and might start making the people on my blogroll a little nervous. I did come across this which is hilarious. I couldn't embed it (sorry about that) but take a look if you feel like a chuckle.

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I’m Like a Kryptonite Coated Superman

I never liked Superman. It always seemed a bit ridiculous to me that here was this guy- invincible by our standards- who could only be hurt by a rare material from his home planet, which seemed to be in abundance here on earth. I found it infinitely annoying, and besides, I was a Marvel fanboy all the way. Silver Surfer, Hulk, X-men, Spiderman, and my absolute favourite: Daredevil. 

I always thought that Superman was his own worst enemy and that might just be the common ground between us. Maybe that’s why I never liked him- no one likes to look at their own faults do they? Lately I have been my own worst enemy in the WoT gaming world and I am beginning to feel like a Kryptonite Coated Superman. Self-sabotaging and stressing over what should be a fun time, having a laugh, and blowing up tanks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome back, Gankalicious, Wurm Has Been Waiting For You

When I first saw that on the loading screen it caught my eye. I ignored it but something about it gnawed at me. Insidious. Always present. Now when I log in and see this message I make an inner sigh of contentment. I'm home Wurm, I'm home.

Wurm is turning out to be extremely addicting. It’s beginning to cause problems with my addiction to World of Tanks. Between the two of them I may have some serious withdrawal symptoms when I have to go on the gaming wagon next month. It could be a tough 21-day gaming detox. First the shakes, then the sweats, and soon....dead babies crawling on the ceiling.

At the time of this writing I have logged 21 hours in Wurm. I have also walked over 30k according to my game stats- who says computer players are lazy? Similar to Ryzom I’m going to have to just reach a point where I decide that I have to move on. It may hit the maximum allowed hours or (because Raptr isn’t tracking it and you all will be none the wiser, mwahahahahahaha) maybe a few more than 40.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Sandbox Challenge: Wurm Online Begins

It’s starting to feel like good cop, bad cop here at the Sandbox Challenge. Or at least, good game, bad game. Ultima Online completely defeated me, Ryzom was good fun, A Tale in the Desert didn’t live up to my expectations, and so far I am enjoying Wurm Online.

 Scene: Hard Interview Room #1
Present: Gankalicious, suspect and game addict. Appears nervous and disheveled.
Enter: Officer Ryzom, Officer Ultima

Officer Ryzom: Hello Mr. Gankalicious, can we offer you some coffee?
Officer Ultima: Coffee? Are you crazy? He’s lucky I don’t break every bone in his body after what he’s done. Let me at him!
Officer Ryzom: Calm down Ultima! There’s no need for that.
Officer Ultima: Calm down? I’ll show you calm. Get the phone-book, duct tape, and flashlight. We’ll have that son of a bitch talking in no time.

Or something like that. If Ultima Online was the gaming equivalent of the old taped phone book trick, then A Tale would have been the Chinese water torture technique. Wurm Online I guess, would have been my solicitor coming in and advising: ‘keep quiet, they have nothing on you!’ and securing my release. I would have then left the station, smirking at Officer Ultima, daring him to make move. ‘Come ahead copper’, my steely stare would invite, ‘let’s see just how tough you are after a 20-year career of donuts and cheap booze’.

Right so- back to reality, and more to the point, Wurm Online.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: I Am What I Am

Friday is upon us and although I debated taking the entire weekend off, I just couldn't miss out on my random, rambling Friday Post.

As I make my way through my blogroll I often come across in-depth, often quite passionate and intelligent discussions taking place about this gaming issue, or that ‘sudden’ gaming controversy. Is RIFT going to last? Is the Dungeon Finder destroying our social fabric? I will sometimes even take part or at least post my view on the subject before moving on. The issues are timely and I see that these blogs get a great deal of traffic and sometimes 100's of comments.

I then think that maybe I should be tackling the great gaming issues of the 21st century in an attempt to enter into a meaningful dialogue with the blog-o-sphere. What's wrong with me, I think? I have lots of ideas, don't I? Don't I?

I do enjoy reading the debates that come up from time to time, and the thought has occurred to me that the lack of engagement I feel with them could merely be a reflection of my (lack of) social skills in general. I think that a lot of things are simply understood, and therefore don’t need to be discussed. Social grouping in games with complete strangers isn’t always fun? Really, do go on. Have you been on a bus lately? Chatted to the person next to you did you? Did you talk to that disheveled (obviously mentally ill) woman talking to herself in the Walmart line? No? Shocking.

You see, this is why I can’t take part in these debates. I come off like an ass, and would rather people visit my blog for a bit of gaming fun and some light-hearted (most of the time) discourse. Life is filled with weighty issues and important debates so I’d rather let my free time be light and fluffy, like a cloud or a merry-go-round....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It also strikes me that because of this I may not get a lot of readers compared to these 'finger on the pulse' bloggers. And, most importantly I have to ask myself, does that matter? I do sometimes get a bit jealous when I see blog’s with large readerships. It’s just human nature, I think, to compare yourself to others. It comes down to asking some serious questions:  How do I measure success? What is ‘good enough’? Why do I blog?

The answer to the latter should be, at all times, because I enjoy it, and I do. As for measuring success and dealing with blogging jealousy well, what can I say? I’m human. In the end, however, I have to admit to myself that in all my time on this planet, in my darkest hours, or in my greatest triumphs how many people can I call on for help? Good friends are few and far between and the older I get the more I realize this. I’m not talking about ‘friends’ you hang with at college or mates on the job. True friends. Friends who would do anything for you at any time. They are a small but good group and I think that maybe the people who I reach with this blog are the same.

So here is a happy Friday story proving that there are nice people in left in the world:

Last Friday, as I was driving home, I heard a song on the local community radio station that I kind of fancied. Thanks to the 'tinternet any song you can hum you can now find. God bless you Google. The problem was the song I heard was obviously a cover and not the original. Giddy from the impending weekend that was to be filled with gaming I took a chance and emailed the radio station:


Just a shot in the dark here- any chance you can tell me who the
artist was who was played on the Friday April 15th Show at
approximately 1630hrs? It was a cover of Greyhound's I am What I Am.

If not, no worries, just thought I'd try :)
Expecting no reply I was tickled to get the following reply:

The record you heard, "I Am What I Am" was a recording by Canadian vocalist Lois Fletcher and was released by Playboy Records ( Canada ) in March, 1974.

Ms. Fletcher was a member of a late-1960's folk-pop group called The Back Porch Majority and apparently had solo releases on about three different labels during the seventies.

The version of this recording you heard was not the full-time single version. It was an edited version released on a K-Tel Records' compilation. K-Tel was able to more easily licence singles for their compilations by agreeing to use an edited version. This also enabled them to fit more tracks on a record. If you'd like to hear the full version of this single, go to You Tube and enter "Lois Fletcher I Am What I Am" into the search field.

Thank You for your question and for listening to "Boss Radio" and 91.3 FM CJTR:

It's only a small thing, but still, it gives me hope that not everything in our world is falling apart. A fitting end, then, is the song that inspired all this. Happy (Good) Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Sandbox Challenge: A Tale in The Desert Scored

You know the saying ‘if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all’? If that was really the case the news industry, and perhaps the blogging world, might be out of things to say on a regular basis. If we could only say or read good things maybe we’d be generally happier but as it stands we love to hear and read gloomy news and dire predictions. Today’s review will not disappoint.

I’m actually not going to be too harsh on A Tale- I don’t have the heart. I am going to be fair because I realize it is an older niche game, with a small-following and that it just wasn’t the game for me. With that wonderful introduction then, lets get to it!

Learning Curve: 3/5


There is an introductory tutorial which will get you on your way and let you get accustomed to the UI and the game concepts. It only lasts 15 minutes but there is also a beginning test (quest) which will start you off on the basic crafting elements in the game.

Online Community: 4/5

Above Average

I only had a few interactions with the community but they were all positive. When I first logged in a player came over to say hello and welcome me to the game. I also had a few pm’s from players willing to help, and noted that general chat was pleasant and welcoming to new players.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

thegankian Classifieds: Homes Needed

Classifieds: Home's Needed


We are looking for a ‘forever’ home for your 4-year-old Caucasian, human female. She is potty trained and is good with other children, cats, and adults. She is a lot of fun to play with and is really starting to talk now. They are so cute at this age! Don’t miss out.

She comes with a full wardrobe of clothing, a box of toys, and an entire bedroom furniture set. We have her papers, and she is up to date on all her shots.

We just adore her, but she no longer suits our lifestyle as we have adopted a new puppy, and they just don’t get along. If we can’t find her a home by the end of the month we will have to surrender her to social services.

If you’re interested please let us know at:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Addicted (Again)

As per my prediction I have, in fact, been playing World of Tanks until my eyes (almost) bleed. I’m haven’t had this much fun playing a game since...well, I want to say Warhammer Online because I did have loads of fun when it first released. It was my first taste of world pvp and I loved it! The scale of the battles was epic as well, and....oh, never mind. We all know how great it was and it just annoys me to think of what it became.

I want to say Warhammer but I can’t. I haven’t had this much fun since my Guild Wars days when I played Guild vs. Guild pvp battles. Warhammer was fun but I missed that organized, know your role, must use teamspeak, listen to your leader, organized pvp. And the rankings: God, I’m hooked on stats. Battles won, damage dealt, player ranking boards (look at me, I’m in the top 20,000, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee).

I love that type of stuff and WoT has it all. If they ever implement the feature that allows you to watch top-teams battle (like in Guild Wars) I’d likely watch that too! That said it is rapidly becoming apparent to me that my clan is, in fact (and no thanks to me as I’ve just joined) one of the top clans. WoT features 3-man platoons as well as larger company-based fights (I’ve yet to do those) and using voice-coordinated tactics really pays off both in wins, and fun.

I’m surprised as how easily I’ve slid back into co-ordinated voice-coms after being away from it for so long. I’ve touched on this previously but I haven’t had a headset since I sort-of retired from Guild Wars. If I was honest the game (Guild Wars) was starting to have a negative social impact on my real life so I decided to take a rest. Older, wiser, and simply busier, lessons have been learned so it will not be a problem again.
The guys in my clan have proven so far to be mature, fun, and good at the game. It certainly helps that a lot of them are current, or ex-military folk which suits me fine as well. I’m very much the type of person who likes to know what their role is, and doesn’t mind following orders (in game-life anyway!) especially when those orders are sensible and lead to victory.

I am going to continue having fun with WoT but that does not mean it will be the only thing I play. I am still very much enjoying my sandbox challenge and am about 7 hours into Wurm Online. I want to make some time for Wurm this week, but as I am currently starving (due to some bad decision on my part early in the game), far from the ‘free food’ available to newbies, and unable to walk far due to my hunger (vicious catch 22, that) I am somewhat dreading logging in. I am going to have to beg locals for food.....again......only this time in a virtual world.

I will also be posting the scoring of A Tale In The Desert later this week so never fear my friends! Despite Tank-mania, and birthday extravaganza’s the blog will continue as it always has. I started as a Warhammer-focussed blog and spread out fairly quickly. Now I find myself really enjoying the Fortuitous Friday posts, as well as flexing my (hopefully) humorous muscles in thegankian feature.

I’m not sure at this stage where the blog is heading- I never really thought about it- but since games occupy at least 80% of my free time I can guarantee it will always be game-centric. I am also contemplating starting a separate blog to document some of my adventures during the seven years I was away from Canada but that is only in the planning stages for the moment....can’t seem to squeeze enough time in between battles!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Birthday Edition!

The special edition World Of Tanks week has ended, but before we resume our usual gaming banter I have to pause for a special birthday celebration. No, no, it's not my birthday, for I am ageless and eternal, but unfortunately there are others with whom I share my life who continue to age. I could possibly be like a vampire- staying young and beautiful, forced to watch those I love grow old. Ya, probably not.

Today is the birthday of my dear wife, She Who Will Be Named Later- who of course doesn't look a single day, no make that a single hour, older than she did on the day I met her. In fairness though it was quite a rainy day in Dublin, and she was covered in mud from digging a massive pit in the middle of a viking-age site so my memory may be hazy. I am very confident, then, that she doesn't look a day older than the first time I saw her. As you can see I'm not very good with this complimenting business and likely should have just said: 

Happy Birthday Dear! and not blogged all that stuff about her being older...or not older I mean. See, I'm pretty hopeless.

Of course, I am the guy who thought it was a great compliment to tell her, upon seeing a picture of her when she was 15, that "I thought you would have been hotter". The reasons I thought that would be a great compliment are difficult to explain and are, actually, best forgotten as it did take several years for that particular marital-blunder to fade into 'our' distant memory.

I say 'our' because once you are married a definite 'us' forms. It's not the dissolution of the single into the whole (we're not the Borg Collective here after all) but rather the merging of two people to form a third entity: the marriage. It can be really, really hard work sometimes but those tough times are few and far between and what lies in the middle is all that matters.

In any case it is my wife's birthday and by the time you read this I will be busily rushing about trying to ensure she has a wonderful day. I have taken the day off of work (she was not so lucky and is trapped till noon) so I have few hours before I meet her for cocktails and lunch. I think birthday's should always be special. It's the one time of the year when you are allowed to be selfish and think only of yourself. Me, me, me, me, me! That should be the mantra of everyone on their birthday.

There won't be (much) time for gaming then...... though, maybe, if I cut a few corners, I could get a cheeky couple games of WoT bad could it be if I just played for a half-hour or so? What could be the harm? Couldn't be worse than telling her she should have looked better when she was younger, could it? Could it?

Happy Birthday!

OMG, how cheeky is that! This is a picture of a cake she made for me, on my birthday! Me, me, me, me, me, me! That is my war-cry. Are you feeling sorry for her yet?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Return To Social Gaming

Yesterday marked my return to the world of social gaming. My new headset works fine and there is no shortage of people from my clan to group with in World Of Tanks. Unfortunately for them yesterday's triumphant return of Gank to social gaming did not coincide with a sudden sobriety on my part. I may not have made the best team-mate after about 1:00 am last night so apologies to all who may have been affected. I also note several new premium tanks in my garage which I'm pretty sure I bought, but if the WoT police how up with an arrest warrant for Grand Tank Theft we'll know what really happened. I decided I should stop playing when I noted that there was, in fact, no wine left in the bottle, and then ran straight into a rock with my tank. Impaired tank driving. I wish I could say it was going to be the last time.....

I had a lot of fun and it was nice to be able to chat once again to gaming enthusiasts. I couldn't help but think how nice it would have been to have access to this world when I was younger. I wasn't a very social kid and growing up in a small prairie town didn't help matters. Gaming was still a weird fringe activity and the internet was many, many years away (yes, I know, hard to believe but true). 

Now when I say I 'wasn't a very social kid' I mean, of course that I hated almost all social situations and was filled with anxiety because of it. I wasn't awkward, really, but just overly sensitive. I had no brothers or sisters so a lot of the arguments, name-calling, and harmless fun that kids participate in was a bit alien to me. I took things very personally and sometimes had to be (literally) pushed out the door to 'go play'. It took me years to pick up on the social cues that many of you may take for granted. Now that I'm older I always pick up on these cues, but now I just don't care!

Examples? Glad you asked!

Them: Hi, how are you?
Me: Good thanks.
What's missing? ".......and you?"

Me: Hi, how are ya?
Them: Oh, I'm not too bad, thanks.

Me: [walks way]

What's missing? ".........oh, why's that?" The social cues here being the "Oh" (which is a pause to say something is coming you need to pay attention to and is usually followed by a sigh); and the "not too bad" (which is to say, not good, so will you please ask me why).

You see? I get it. I just don't follow along with the social game, and thus the friend count plummets! If I had a facebook account I may actually have a negative friend number. That would be harsh- a counter which only records how many people have de-friend-ed you. I'm sure it's coming and I would love to invent it!

I'm not saying that online-games and on-line friends should take the place of 'real life' activities, or social groups but it would have been a nice place to hang out I think. There are a lot of us who don't necessarily shine in standard social situations but who are nice, interesting people. And much like the Cheers theme of long-ago, it is nice to go where everybody knows your name and are (hopefully) glad you came.

A place where it doesn't matter what you look like, how much you weigh, how bad your acne is, or how good you are at hockey (I was average). A place where a group of (usually) friendly people with a common interest are always waiting and willing to chat and hang out. It doesn't matter how bad of a day you had, who picked on you in class, or how stressful your day at work was when you're online (or it shouldn't in any case). For a while you can have fun and I think that is what social gaming should be about.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fortuitous Friday: Mit Fortuity!

I was all set to write a big rant this morning. Yesterday wasn't a very good day- or so I thought. That's the funny thing about stress: when you are in the middle of it's, well, stressful. What one person finds to be stressful might not bother another person at all but the point is, if you find it stressful, then it is.

So I was going to rant. And then I decided not to bother posting. Then I decided to heck with it all. I have a very, very deep hatred for UPS. I understand that the word 'hate' is a very strong statement, but trust me, I hate them. They have absolutely infuriated me through the years in various countries across the world. They are so bad that when I go to order something if I note that UPS is their carrier I will go elsewhere. Yesterday's performance was one more in a long line of disappointments which turned quickly into anger as their 'customer service' was anything but.

I have now nicknamed these session as UPS-Rage. Fear it my friends, fear it. It was so bad the Duchess of Dumb ran from the room and cowered in her little house, and the Sultan Of Smart (who has survived multiple UPS-Rage sessions) followed me nervously around the house sitting nicely and raising his paw in an attempt to placate me. No, I'm not proud that I made my beloved little puppy so afraid, nor that I made my constant companion nervous and stressed, but that's the great thing about dogs. They  forgive you almost immediately whereas we beat ourselves up for ages over these things. I wish humans could be more like them to be honest: loyal, honest, forgiving and routine-loving. We'd be a lot happier I think.

In any case I have had some time to cool off, and the package- my brilliant, working, 24' Samsung monitor, my new Razer headset, and a birthday present for She Who Will Be Named Later did arrive thanks to my wonderful neighbor who brought the mis-delivered items to my door..... to be greeted by a fuming, soaking (I had been in the shower), shirtless man he doesn't really know all that well. Fair play to him for being so nice- both with the returned package, and pretending not to notice I was just out of the shower, mostly naked, and pissed off-looking.

So the stage was set for a rant. I had managed to get in a few games of World Of Tanks which only served to infuriate me more as I went 0-7 due to what could only be described as the worst PUG play I have ever been a part of in WoT. But there's the catch- I was a part of it. I was pissy and my play likely suffered for it. This morning, however, after arriving at the Nickle Mine I realized that life isn't actually all that bad- even despite the snow which has again started to fall, delaying spring, and is predicted to continue into next week. Think about it:

If my biggest problem is that my 24' computer monitor was delivered to the wrong house then life must be pretty good overall, no?

It's also Friday and that, in itself, is often a soothing tonic....hmmm note to self, buy Gin. So it is Fortuitous Friday and though I have nothing really witty or all that interesting to say I thought I'd pop in to say hello, and do a bit of an explanation today.

You will note, from time to time, that some of my posts contain Mit (as in Mit Tanks!)- which is, of course, German for 'with'. I don't speak German and other than a rather frightful experience at Frankfurt airport, I have never been to Germany. I once had a German pen-pal named Petra but that was when I was 10 (random fact). All in all, I'm not familiar with Germany and I don't hold any particular fascination with them- though in WoT I will be levelling up to drive the German Heavy Tiger, and I will soon be running amok with my premium German Medium tank which came with my gold purchase. I will also say, for the record, that they were the best-dressed army in WWII. Hugo Boss did the Nazi uniforms so how could they not look good?

The frequent use of "Mit" is an inside joke between She Who Will Be Named Later and myself. We used a lot of German mail order sites while living in Ireland and one of them was for pet food and toys. I placed an order for some dried tripe (which subsequently made my dog's hair fall out...sorry about that buddy) and we couldn't stop laughing over the fact that the packaging stated:

Tripe Treats. Mit Tripe!

I guess it isn't any more ridiculous than, say, juice containers proudly proclaiming: Now with real juice! but it seemed quite funny to us at the time. I love pointing out humorous signs and I especially like ones which point out the painfully obvious. That's it then. Not very exciting today but we did learn a few facts:

  1. UPS sucks and blows.
  2. Hugo Boss did designer uniforms for the Nazi's.
  3. Simple things amuse me: Mit Amusement!
  4. My neighbors are nice people.
  5. I will be playing WoT until my eyeballs bleed whilst staring at my new monitor and cocooned in my new headset (which has made She Who Will Be Named Later laugh manically whic can only mean, of course, they are very sexy. Rarwwww).

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hmmm...Things That Rhyme With: OMG I Hate Not Having A Computer!

So as it turns out, obsessively entering your number into the UPS tracking box does not, in fact, cause the package to arrive any sooner. I could likely get funding to study that from some government department somewhere. It's about as useful, and predictable as the the ones that surface every 3-5 years such as:

  1. Study finds that children from alcoholic homes don't perform well in school.
  2. Study finds that women who drink while pregnant have children with learning difficulties (true story, saw this one again just last year).
  3. Smoking linked to cancer deaths.
  4. Driving while- drinking, texting, or getting/giving oral sex- increases the chances you will get into an accident.

No shit? Really. Fascinating Professor. Do tell me more, and oh, won't you please, please take another 350k of my tax dollars to do it? Have I ever mentioned that I hate academics? Yup. Good. Lets move on.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ode To My Monitor

Alas, Poor Samsung....I knew him, Horatio.

Well alright, that's not an ode and we all know it, but I'm short on caring today. I'm a member of the 'Everything Happens For a Reason' camp but I'm struggling with this one today I have to say. Maybe it only applies to the really big things- like losing a job, or getting in an accident. In any case on today, the Day of All Days- otherwise known as the World of Tanks release- my monitor craps out. It has finally done what I have somedays wished I could do- it has entered sleep mode and will not awaken.

Maybe I'm being punished for yesterdays wise-crack about having to talk to the neighbors. Fortunately for me (or so I thought at the time) She Who Will Be Named Later took ill today (I said fortunately for me, not her) and I chivalrously offered to stay home and tend her sweaty brow. It had barely occurred to me that today was the WoT release, I assure you. My dear, dear wife was ill- what could I do?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Sandbox Challenge: A Tale in the Timesink, Errrr....Desert

It’s a multi-media extravaganza today! Press play on the video below while you read the blog for maximum effect. It’s kind of like 3-d at the movies, only less exciting I’d imagine. I’m not really sure, because I haven’t actually watched one of the newer 3-d films yet. I say "newer" because they tried it once before and it flopped. The last one I remember seeing was Friday The 13th Part 3 and that, I'm sad to admit was on a Laserdisc. Hey, if you've been a reader for a while, or happen to have seen my Christmas posts you'll know I started on Pong, so ya, I am that old.

Monday, April 11, 2011

World of Tanks Week Begins! Mit Tank!

It's World Of Tanks release week so I have designed a splashy new logo to celebrate!

Never fear- I am not succumbing to the call of the WoT Siren (presumably pictured below). My blog won't descend into a tank-lined pit of.....tanks? It's all systems go here- Sandbox Challenge, Fortuitous Fridays, Manic Mondays......hey, wait, that last one doesn't exist....or does it? Maybe it should! Maybe not! Who, other than my psychiatrist, can decide?

Hmmm...I'm not quite sure what the suggestion here is. I'm sensing it's quite subtle..something clever......Can anyone help me figure it out? Is it, "the Nazi's had nice hats"? Or maybe "Wear you're safety boots at all times?"

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shit My Dad Says

I just found this, and while I may be behind the times (considering he has 2.1 million twitter followers) I couldn't resist posting this. It's going to be my motto for the rest of the month, guaranteed.

"See, you think I give a shit. Wrong. In fact, while you talk, I'm thinking; How can I give less of shit? That's why I look interested."

And thanks to Distilled for this, which I have to re-post to spread the love: for both the message, and the artist who is, imho, quite talented. Time will tell if he can write material which will last beyond the viral interest of a You Tube hit but for now, enjoy your fame and good luck!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Moment Of Silence

I have discussed previously how I try to stay away from ranting. It is too easy, I think, to tear down. To hate. To find fault. It comes to me naturally and I strive to keep this blog fun and focused on gaming (or pubs, or other fun things on Friday's when I tend to not post about games). Life can often be filled with things that are unpleasant and I like to keep this space as a haven in that (sometimes) heartless world. Once in awhile I fail in that mission. Today's post will have a bit of real life spilling onto its pages so I will completely understand if you click away. No hard feelings. Honest.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Sandbox Challenge: Picking Grass

 I’ve now racked up around 9 hours of game-play in A Tale In The Desert- give or take a few.  Raptr isn’t properly tracking my hours so I’m adding them manually. It won’t matter in the end, however, as my trial will run out at 24 hours and that will be that.

So far I have managed to actually play in the sand- it’s one of the materials needed for brick-making, which is needed in construction. I also need straw, which comes from dried grass and so I’ve been picking grass. Loads of it. It’s tedious as hell. Maybe they should re-name the game to A Time Sink In The Desert because holy Bejeesus there’s a lot of them.

All that grass looked so harmless in the beginning.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mythic Finds Two War Vets Alive in Ancient Cave

Mythic Finds Two WAR Vets Alive in Ancient Cave
Grizzled Vets Unaware War Was Over

EA Mythic announced today that they had found two WAR vets alive in a forgotten cave near the Chaos camp in Nordland. The two veteran warriors were emaciated, and were physically and mentally exhausted from their ordeal. They were apparently unaware that the war was over and had continued to guard the objective in the hopes of getting more renown.

 “This long forgotten cave used to be a battle objective, but was abandoned after we decided that players shouldn’t have to spread themselves out in an anti-zerging manner.” EA Mythic stated in a press release.
The developers who found them were set upon by the confused veterans who mistook them for the enemy. “It’s a common problem,” developers admitted “both in-game and out.” The veterans were extremely confused and disoriented, and apparently thought they were still on the open-rvr server Eltharion. That server was closed long ago, and the last few players were transferred off to other areas of the dwindling conflict..

“We decided that having an open pvp server in a game which focuses entirely on pvp was simply not viable,” developers stated. “I mean, come on, do you really think a bunch of pvp-focused players want world-pvp? Trust me, we very attuned to what our player base wants and that is a move away from pvp toward a quest for gear.”

As for the weary WAR veterans, developers stated that they would immediately provide them with haircuts, free rvr packs, and some complimentary game time. “We have to take care of our veteran players,” Mythic stated. “If we were to ignore them, or worse yet, treat them like idiots, our player-base might be drastically reduced and nobody wants that.”       

The veterans are expected to write a biography about their experiences.