Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sitting of the Moose-eslature

Right. Remember how I said I was living in quite a rural place? And you know all those ridiculous stereotypes about Canadians and Moose?

Well this picture won't help my cause any. This photo was taken (not by me) in the middle of my city (150k population) and the building behind it is our provincial legislature where our elected leaders debate the laws of the land. Bloody hell. All that's missing is a Mountie in red (their uniforms are actually a drab brown/green by the way) riding the frigging thing.

Yes, It's actually a Moose and yes we still have freaking snow.

In fairness the legislature backs on to one of the largest (per capita) urban parks in the world so don't be thinking we have Moose roaming the streets holding up traffic. That would be a disaster because Male moose are actually quite vicious and are known to charge approaching cars during mating season (true story) which also, in my humble opinion, make them quite dumb....but they taste nice! Mmmmmmmm......moose meat.

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