Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mount and Blade

Why wasn't I informed of this? It's okay, I'm not long as someone steps forward and assumes responsibility there won't be any trouble. Honest.

With the new Elder Scrolls coming soon as well I'd better hurry up and play their predecessors! I may have to separate my mmo sandbox games from the non-mmo ones and play them simultaneously.....or delay so that I just play the new ones! So many games, so little time (true story).


  1. And Witcher 2! That's going to be awesome too.

  2. You know I tried Witcher 1 only a few weeks ago and just couldn't get into it. Unfortunately I am trying to many games at the moment I have to continually delete others to make room. I've heard good things about it though and hope to come back to it when I upgrade my Video Card next month.