Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As The (Xsyon) World Turns, Or Holy E-Drama Batman!

Episode 65 in which Xsyon is told that his cousin is actually his mother, who was once married to his long-lost brother, who died after recieving a liver transplant from what turned out to be his biological father- who was struck and killed by a car driven by........Xsyon!*

Holy Jeebus the drama is really getting out of hand with this game. Amusing, sure, but ridiculous in the extreme. I'm not actually following all the details that closely (I can't be bothered with pettiness...petticoats, yes, pettiness, no). This would be a great one for Van Hemlock to Boardwalk. It would provide him with some amusement in any case.

The gist of it is the community started to split when pre-orders came flooding in due to the increasing hype and anticipation of this game. The split, of course, is between those interested in open-pvp, combat, and conquest, and those who feel that combat, while a part of the game, shouldn't be the focus. They want the game to focus on being creative rather than combative. The development team has always said that combat is not a focus and has implemented mechanics to ensure griefing is  not rewarded (and is actually punished). There was some talk of two separate servers to accommodate everyone which has now, apparently, been decided against.

There was a little forum-skirmish between two clans which saw one of the evil-aligned clans re-roll (as you can have only one character per account) and infiltrate the other good-aligned clan (basically a pve-focused guild) ala Eve online. Long story short (I don't have all the details) there was some item theft (no biggie really as the game is so new nothing significant has been crafted yet and there is no money in-game), forum banning (for a limited time) and some accusations the developers were catering to certain clans and/or players.

Whew! I'm a-tremble with the excitement of it all....no, come to think of it....I'm not excited in the least. All that stuff is boring, as far as I'm concerned. Guild drama, player rages, whatever. It's all so school-yard: it's a game, have fun! Or should I say L2P (nicely, and together).

I read Larisa's blog now and then, and was equally aghast by what went on with her: do we really want virtual life to be cruel and petty (like the real one can often be)? Guilds should be friendly, sacred, and social places where everyone is welcomed and valued. They should be about mates having fun.Can you imagine being with a group of people, playing, chatting having fun, for that long only to be told that you were slowing them down, and could you please, ummm...piss off?

Guilds and games should be about mates having fun. Drink, play, be merry. This is one of the reasons I have never wanted to play World Of Warcraft. For all the really nice, casual guilds (and players) I am sure are in that community, stories of elitist, and childishly cruel people abound. I'm too old, anti-social, and confident in the knowledge that I deserve some respect (even virtually) to put up with that.
Oops...slipped into rant mode. Breath, read Overly Positive, and continue......

Returning to the topic of Xsyon, what this does highlight is the problems that can happen when the developers begin to lose sight of the fact they are making the game. Yes, of course, they should listen to the player base but it can backfire. In this case you have a team that has been listening to the players for some time. The problem is now there are a host of new players with different ideas. How can they accommodate them without upsetting those who have been testing from the start? There is bound to be hard feelings no matter which way they go. The key, I think, is to create a vision of the game you want, and stick to it. Take ideas on board, and adapt (after all that's the joy of MMO's is that they can change over time) but don't get stuck in especially prior to release. Release, then change.

I may be reading too much (or too little) into this: I'm still looking forward to the game, but lately I have been really removed from the Xsyon forums. I'm still a bit shocked anyone would seriously try to use this game as a pvp-vehicle. I've said it before- the combat is terrible. No, it's actually worse than that. I love PVP, and I actually really like ganking (yes, its true) but I have no fun fighting in this game what-so-ever, so what's the point? I'm not a griefer (no corpse camping, just kill and go) so I was planning on focusing on crafting, etc, and just seeing where the game goes. I did say I was acutely interested in seeing what kind of world the players would choose to create. So far we have tribal conflict....just like in real, early human life. Interesting indeed.

My secret desire (game-play wise) is to become an animal tamer/breeder when that skill goes live. Historically those who controlled the resources were the strongest and animal's will provide food, and crafting materials....as well as minions if I can breed mutants. Did I mention I was going to be evil? Hey, evil needs to eat too. The game is set up so evil clans can not trade with good players, so we will see how it goes. Evil players are also kill-able by anyone without penalty (I did say there were mechanics to prevent/punish griefing) but I just think it would be fun. The world needs balance, after all, and no matter how evil I get, I still wouldn't turn on my own clan-members. Unless it was EVE and I was doing a heist, of course.

*If you've experienced any of the issues discussed in today's episode of As The (Xsyon) World Turns, or have been upset by the material please don't hesitate to contact us where our counselors are standing by to help.