Thursday, March 24, 2011

As Ryzom Ends, World of Tanks Begins!

Well, my friends, we have reached the end. After 27 hours of game-play I am closing the chapter on the Ryzom portion of the Sandbox Challenge. I have left the starter area and had a chance to see the world beyond and feel that I am at a crossroads. If you have been reading my posts you’ll realize, by now, that I do like this game. It has charm, depth, immersion, and a wonderful community.

I am stopping now because I can see how deep the game is, and that it would easily engross me for hours, and hours...and hours. I am at the point where I want to know more. I want to look at the forums and learn things about crafting, exploration, and what, exactly, is attainable. A sandbox is great and all, but I need some information, a direction, or at least an idea of what is possible. Should I be in a guild? Am I in the ‘right’ city? How do I move on from here? Where is everyone, and what are they doing?

All these questions would require me to invest time in-game, on forums, and on the game’s wiki page. For the purposes of my Sandbox Challenge I have a good idea what this game has to offer both good and bad. I don’t see a lot of point writing endless reviews of the game, how-to’s, or posting videos to show you what the game is like. I want this series to focus on how I perceive these things and how the game stacks up, over all, to other sandbox style games.

I have thought a lot about the scoring portion of my challenge. I don’t want to get too picky about it because, after all, it’s only for fun. I’m not reviewing this for a major mmo site after all. The fate of these games does not rest on my reviewing shoulders (luckily for them)! The scores for each of the 10 categories I have chosen to look at will be out of 5. I like 5 because 3 is obviously average, and everything above or below is easily compared to that:

1- Crap
2- Below Average
3- Average
4- Above Average
5- Outstanding

Add the 10 categories up, multiply by 2 and we get a handy percentile which is easy to understand (or so I hope). Scores can be quite subjective, of course, so as a way of familiarizing you with how I think about games I thought I’d score Eve Online according to my categories. There are a lot of sandbox fans out there who will have played Eve, or at least know something about it, so I feel it will be a good ‘baseline’. You will, at least, get an idea where I’m coming from with all of this. That’s the good news.....the bad news is you’ll have to wait as I’m not quite finished it yet.

In other news, World of Tanks has announced its release date of April 12th, and by the time you read this the pre-orders will be live. I am curious to see what the prices are, but as I tend to write these posts the night before I post them (yes, how very studious of me) I have no idea what it will cost. It won’t really matter, like I have said previously, because I like the game enough to cough up some cash. Since my extravagant splurge on RIFT (which I haven’t played and have already cancelled my sub) I haven’t paid for any game in ages, so I’m due.

The game is launching just as I’m:

A) Getting better at playing.
B) Getting sick of random groups.

Argggggg! Pugs, are pugs, are pugs- no matter what the game. Random groups suck, big time, and they frustrate the hell out of me. I’m beginning to think I should stay away from pvp games, but we both know that’s crazy. I’m hooked so the reality is I have to push on and find a Tank Clan to join. As I said previously that will entail being significantly more social than I am used to, and force me into buying a headset.

Although I’m taking my time about it (procrastination is my co-pilot) I have been looking for both a clan and a headset and think I have managed to find what I’m looking for. I’ve decided to go with a Razer Carcharias because the reviews are pretty good and the price is right. I also have a Razer Naga mouse which has served me well and I’m brand loyal like that (if JBL made gaming gear I’d be all over that).

After monitoring the recruitment threads on the World of Tanks forums I think I have found a clan which will suit me. I’m not a big ‘guild hopper’ so I tend to take ages picking one but in reality you’ll never really know until you join so we’ll see.

I’m still focusing on the German Hetzer tank destroyer (god I'm sick of hearing 'Hetzers gonna hetz') and the medium Ram II and have manage to get my previously shameful stats up to a post-worthy state which is what I will end this post with due to the fact I want to get some game time in!

Overall stats approaching 50% win.

Ram II stats well above 50%
Hetzer stats up as well. Above 50% for random pug grouping is quite good if I do say so myself.

Edit WoT Costs Posted


  1. I'm looking forward to that Ryzom review!

  2. Me too...oh, wait, I guess I have to write it now! It'll be out on Tuesday as Monday is my Eve baseline review. I'm slacking off this weekend ;)