Saturday, March 12, 2011

6 Nations Shines

I'm only 2 pints into my weekend and everything is going swimingly. Italy has managed to gain a dramatic, hard-fought victory over France which is an incredible boost for that team, and Italian rugby in general. I imagine the streets of Rome are awash with celebration as I write this. I don't have anything against France, mind you, but I do have a soft-spot for the underdog, and to put things in perspective Italy has had very, very few wins since joining the 6-Nations years ago. Well done to them.

Wales has just beaten Ireland in what eventually turned out to be a hard-fought and fun game to watch. Ireland really lost their composure at the end and the Welsh defense fought hard to keep that late-earned lead. Unlike France, I actively dislike the Irish team so seeing them lost to Wales is a double-dose of happiness for me!

I've also found out that my Ryzom 21-day trial has been converted into the free-to-play account so I'll have ample time to explore this game and make my minimum time commitment for the Sandbox Challenge. Being a massive procrastinator I've taken the opportunity to download a few other games I want to try and World of Tanks keeps drawing me in to its iron-world. That and the fact that both my favorite pod-casts are sitting in my MP3 player waiting to be listened to (less about a half-hour of the Kiasa-cast I did actually listen to in the pub last night while waiting for She Who Will Be Named Later to join me) means I have a good gaming weekend ahead.

I'm off to walk the Duchess of Dumb, and the Sultan of Smart (the dogs) before another pint mysteriously slides down my throat and they end up dragging me, half drunk, through the icy streets which have yet to yield to spring which is stubbornly hiding.....somewhere other than here.

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