Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Xsyon: The Hype Machine Commeth

It really is a strange feeling to watch a game you’ve been a part of for awhile hit the limelight. I’ve only been involved in the game for a short time- I’m not pretending to be a grizzled Xsyon veteran- but the hype machine is beginning to roll and people are beginning to take notice of the game.

The Prelude (head-start) begins on February 18th so the interest in the game is mounting. It was meant to be released on Valentines day but, alas, it was not to be so. Maybe my post should have read: Xsyon Breaks Hearts- Fails to Launch! Meanwhile the usual topics are flying hot and heavy on the forums.

Hows the game...
Interested but...
A few questions....
This game is awful.....
This is the best sandbox ever....
Has anyone read Gankalicious? Great Blog!.....*
Etc, etc.....

I don’t have much to say about the game at this stage. I am somewhat bemused by the interest and the discussions and feel a little removed from it all. Like I’m floating outside my gaming body looking down as the doctors and nurses work frantically over my body.

“Code blue, he’s arresting!”
“Get me 150cc’s of medical stuff, stat!”
“We’re losing him doctor!”
“That’s okay, sexy nurse person, I’ll console you later over drinks.”
“Oh Doctor, you’re so handsome.”
“Yes, I know, now clear!”

I think the game is in an unfinished state and that combat is horrible- but even the developers admit this. There isn’t a lot to do outside of crafting and building- no NPC’s, no mobs, no quests, and pvp is a joke with bad combat- but I’m in no matter what (I’ve discussed this previously). I don’t see it being a massive success. I think, to be honest, it’s going to go over a lot like Earthrise did recently- badly.

That said I’m willing to stand by an independent game (released too soon) that may offer a glimmer of innovation...at least for the two (free) months that my pre-order paid for. After that we’ll see. I’m both confused by, and unsure of, a lot of in-game concepts that will have to be tried to be understood. In the meantime I’ll craft like a mad-man and listen to the local chat for blogging fodder :)

Take that Darth Loser! Xsyon is playing with the big boys now. Word is they are adding more servers for Europe and perhaps beyond.

*Topics presented by the author may, or may not, have been entirely made up by the author.

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