Tuesday, February 8, 2011

World of Tanks! (Part II)

There seems to be an epidemic of World of Tanks reviews going around at the moment. Maybe I should have had some candy to hand out after all.....

It's nice to see other people's take on a game, and especially nice to see I'm not alone in liking this one. Forum talk can be pretty hit or miss in terms of the actual information provided. I find there are often extremes of people who really hate a game (and are fueled by anger), and those who really love it (and are conversely, motivated by love).There's not much I can add to a 'preview' of the game that these blogs haven't touched on already so I decided to go with a lot of pictures instead! Hmmmmm...pictures.

The Heavies. If this were prison, you'd be their bitch.

Fear me for I am Tier II

As you can see I am favoring the Russians

'Sniper' view of one of my unfortunate victim's

Not a steep learning curve

I am getting slightly better as time goes on

Top of the charts!

A 'tech tree' for the German Tank Destroyer

Components for sale

Personnel information

More Goodies

Tank Tree- I wonder what the acorns would look like?

My stats

Victorious Victory Medals!

Not quite the same as having alts but these are my troops

More medals..mmmm...medals

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