Sunday, February 6, 2011


While most sport-people are preparing for the Superbowl I am still focusing on Rugby. I gave up on American football years ago when I decided that I was tired of watching advertisements with a few sport breaks in between. When the biggest draw becomes the half-time beer ad it's time to move on. I had my fun, and my team (the 49ers) were the best for the better part of a decade.

As for the Six Nations, well, I didn't have a lot of hope for Wales. They are, really, rather like a rugby PUG. They don't seem to play as a team and there isn't any real leadership. I like the look of England this year- they have good speed and seem play as a team. France, however, appears to be the team to beat once again. Their scrum was pushing Scotland around like they were tiny schoolgirls, and Scotland is known for their big scrum. As for Ireland, well, that was the highlight of my weekend and I'm just about to watch the last half of that game. If you don't know the Six Nations I'll just say that Italy isn't very good. Losing to them is a sign of something terribly wrong and for the Irish to barely, barely squeak past them? ROFL- that's all I can say!

My team may have lost, but seeing the Irish almost lose to Italy makes my weekend.

The bitter taste of defeat, or as I call it, The Usual. Wales has now gone almost a year without a win.

OMG knock him back to D4 where he belongs! Wanker. This is, in reality, a win for Italy. Good work.

In end it's all about the love. Man on Man Rugby Love.

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