Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.....Sort Of

I can't help but wonder why is there no Gladiator-focused MMO? I will stop you now from saying- 'Oh but you've forgotten about Pit of War, and other browser games.' No, I haven't: browser based gaming doesn't count in my (gaming) book. I know they are the hot topic recently and that they can be successful, but I will point out that Justin Bieber, too is successful, and he still sucks. Badly. Popularity does not make something good.

/points knowingly to Nazi Germany circa 1938

A gladiator game would be the perfect setting for an arena-style pvp-game. You could start in some little backwater province and work your way into Rome where you could eventually have the honor of killing (or dying) in front of the Emperor. I’m sure you could work some type of crafting element into it as well and allow players to create everything they need including weapons, equipment, food, accommodation, and the like. You could even incorporate a  sexual mini-game where you ‘relax’ with other gladiators in the hot-tub in-between fight just like in the movies!

My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, 
commander of the Armies of the North, 
General of the Felix Legions, 
loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. 
Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. 
And I will have my homo-erotic bath, in this life or the next.

So, on to the original topic of my post: Gods and Heroes, or Rome Rising as I will refer to it, has dropped the non disclosure agreement allowing me to say:


That's a hell of a brave move on their part and I think they are getting the hype machine rolling a bit early on this one. I played the previous beta and now am now in the non-non-disclosure beta...if that makes sense..... Why, if I am going to badmouth the game, you may ask, am I doing this? I am a sucker for all things Rome, to be honest. Rome: Total War; Rome: the HBO series; Rome: books about; Rome, the city (honeymooned there). You get the idea.

Secondly I'm not going to badmouth the game....well, okay, maybe a little. I know it's beta and all, and I usually keep my mouth shut when an unfinished game is, well, not finished, but what the hell are they thinking? I admit I haven't played it for over 4 weeks, and a lot can happen in that time, but I as sort of assuming they were a ways from launch. I will reserve my judgments until I actually log back into this beta and see the state of the game but I do have to say it wasn't looking very ready last I visited.

The one thing they really have going for them is.....well......Rome. The Roman theme should attract a following no matter what the game-play may end up being (even once polished). The last thing I read suggested they were moving toward a more mature theme ala Age of Conan which is a great idea. The game is also interesting in that you dedicate yourself to a particular god and receive special powers from them. Steady sacrifices are needed to keep this power pool full.

There isn't a lot here in terms of technicalities you haven't seen elsewhere, notably Guild Wars. The ability to have minions (can't remember what they are actually called) is like Guild Wars' heroes which accompany you on your quests. There are the 4 basics food groups in terms of classes: tank, dps, heals, and magic. It really is a very bland offering save for the unique setting and theme. If they focus on that potential they may have something really great: gladiator fights for pvp, crafting, player-owned villas with staff and supply needs, etc. I also note they are going for pay-to-play in a very saturated market- another brave move.

So, enough said until I see what changes the new beta has brought. A few screenies from the first beta below.

A tank is a tank is a tank...unless its World of Tanks, of course.

This is what I expect from a religion: in-person visits for my offerings! Honestly, Gods nowadays are just bloody lazy imo.

I'd like to say this isn't what it looks like but you have to pay your respects to the gods somehow. In fairness, they did say they were going to be making the game 'more mature'.


  1. Blimey, I'd completely missed Gods and Heroes getting picked up again after Perpetual went belly-up. Wasn't there another Roman MMOG? I seem to remember some publicity stunt involving crucifying a griefer... *Googles* Ah, Roma Victor! Sounds like it would've been a good one for the Sandbox Challenge, apart from the whole "collapsing in a heap" business.

  2. The fellow who is now doing Xsyon also worked on Roma Victor so I'd expect it would have been a good sandbox indeed.