Saturday, February 26, 2011

For Better or Worse Includes Game Addiction I'm Pretty Sure

So I'm back after taking a few days out to celebrate the one yearly event that really matters: my wedding anniversary. We have never taken valentines day seriously (even whilst 'dating') but we always make an effort for the 'big one' even if its a simple dinner and a bottle (keg) of wine. Despite having to wait in a pub all day (I know, it sounds good, but wait for it) while my truck was being fixed by a kindly mechanic (who took pity on some stranded travelers) we made it back intact, and happy, if not a little broke.

Before I lose you here with tales of romance and other such boring personal matters I will say there is a gaming point to be made. Other than the occasional obsession with the Tomb Raider series She Who Will Be Named Later doesn't play computer or console games of any kind. Her forays into Tomb Raider usually end up with her getting stuck and asking if I could (despite not playing console games very much and not actually liking puzzle games) get her past that particular level. Ya, sure, if you wouldn't mind healing this warband while I duck out for a bio break......... Next time I'll send her to Van Hemlock and co. as I'm sure they could help.

A few days ago, however, I came across something I thought, just possibly, could hook her. Like any good addict my goal is to ensure others become addicted to my vice so I seem more normal. Like crack-cocaine. You can't be about smoking crack if no one around you is into it- it just won't work:

Hey guys, instead of going to Starbucks for some java, how about we head over to this flop house I know, smoke some crack, grab a sexual favor off some toothless twenty-year old for ten bucks, score some heroin to come down with, and pass out in a pool of our own filth for 12 hours?

You see? Wouldn't work....or would it......bah, never mind. I don't have the ten bucks now after the city-break and car-repair and quite frankly if there's no sexual favors from toothless addicts to be had I'm not even interested.

In any case a few days before we left I saw this, and then found this, and then loaded up this, and called her in to take a look. Similar to Dr. Frankenstein I have now created a monster. 'Just one more turn' is something I have uttered untold numbers of times to her, but now.......Normally I would, at this point, state I have succeeded in my mission to get her into computer games and proudly proclaim: Winner- Me! Huzzah!

The only problem is (which I should have totally anticipated) is that we only have one computer internet-capable at the moment. Do you see the flaw in my dastardly plan? I haven't even played the game myself and now I'm in danger of losing game time to it. The only way forward is to get the old laptop up and running so we can retreat into the silence of marital bliss until next year when we venture forth to celebrate- likely with said laptop so she can continue to play Echo Bazzar and I can update my blog.

I hope you had a Happy Friday and managed to survive without my Fortuitous Friday Post which, had I been able to post would have read:

Fortuitous Friday: Truck Breaks Down = Bad. Pub Has My Favorite Ale on Tap= Good.

In any case I'm assuming everyone is neck deep into RIFT at the moment and likely hasn't a clue that I was away, or that I'm back, or that I'm now ending this post.

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