Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When it Rains it Pours

With Warhammer getting a little stale (but if you’re reading this Andy what I mean to say is: I LOVE Warhammer and please consider my application for Core Game Tester) I have been looking for something else to satisfy my gaming needs. The sensible thing to do would have been to look at a new title, evaluate it, and then move to another should it prove unsatisfying. In that way I would get an opportunity to truly experience each one. That would have been ideal.

What actually happened is that in addition to beta testing of DC Universe Online, I also downloaded and activated a two week trial of both Darkfall, and Age of Conan as well as starting the F2P Dungeons and Dragons Online. Was that too much at once? Yup. Did I then decide to use any restraint at all? Nope. Last night, after a wee glass (bottle) of wine, I gave in to the hype-machine and pre-ordered RIFT, complete with a six-month founders subscription which gets me into in the beta test scheduled for this weekend. Huzzah!

I feel, however, that I am not entirely to blame for my last nights foolishness. Normally She Who Will Be Named Later is the gentle voice of restraint against my impulsive nature. I have wisely entrusted the credit card to the nether-regions of her purse, and much like a little kid, ask for it when there’s something I really want to buy (slightly pathetic but very economical, trust me). Last night, strangely enough (but not quite strange enough to penetrate the Merlot shield enveloping my brain), when I dashed into the kitchen and proclaimed I wanted to pre-order RIFT and pay for six months in advance, six months mind you, all I got was: "Ya, that sounds good. Here’s the card." Happy days. Should I have been suspicious? Yup. Did I pause to contemplate it more carefully? Nope.

Seconds after completing the transaction, and giddy with anticipation, she wanders into the room casually mentioning that she needed the card back so she could order some frilly frock she has had her eye on for quite some time. Coincidentally, she continued, it costs about the same as you just spent on your new game. I think I’ve been ganked. Victory: She Who Will Be Named Later. Nicely played.

And On The Tenth Day of (Gaming) Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: Total War

As with the Civilization series I felt I had to include the Total War series as a separate day unto itself. I hooked into the series with the Medieval Total War game but was completely blown away by the Rome installment. I absolutely loved this game and I played it straight for just over a year before its hold on me began to fade. I realize that strategy games, or war games, or any genre for that matter, are often a matter of personal taste but I think it would be remiss to leave out this series as there are few other games that I know of which had their own television show

Time Commanders was shown on BBC2 and though I have no idea what the ratings were I certainly enjoyed it. It was the first time I saw gaming in a public social context and while it likely wasn't completely responsible for the transformation of gaming into an acceptable, talked about hobby, it was the beginning of a journey for me of sorts. A journey away from the quiet, almost embarrassed admission that “I play a lot of computer games” to the awkward question of: “What do you like to do?” That said, it has always been more socially acceptable than saying “I like to drink copious amounts of alcohol until people like you are less irritating”, or my personal favorite: "I like to go Hawking for cats with my Lurcher."  

I believe there was the promise of a cat?

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