Sunday, January 9, 2011

RIFT: This Isn't Working Out, But Its Not You, Its Me (Though I'm Pretty Sure It's Actually You)

Pssst.....hey, you. Yes, you, come here for a minute. Lean in, I don't want anyone to overhear us- some people might be hurt by what I have to say so I'd rather keep it between you and me, if that's all right? Ya? Nice one. Okay, here it is:

I hate RIFT. No, wait, let me start again. That's kind of confrontational, and I don't want to put you off in case you're currently enjoying the game. Right, ahem, let me try that again from a different approach.

Is there something wrong with me? Are my eyes deteriorating? Have I been inflicted with a disease that makes pretty, beautiful things appear plain and downright ugly? Am I on a bad trip after a night out, or lying in a hospital bed sweaty with fever as I inevitably lose a (short) battle with the Ebola virus?

I am getting old, but my eye-glass prescription is up to date, I assure you, and my last eye exam was just over a year ago. 20/20 in one eye with correction, and 20/10 in the other without. I didn't even know you get better than 20/20 but there you go. I'm a regular bionic man as far as my eyeballs go.

So why exactly am I the only one, so far as I can see from the reviews that are flying around like, well, flies on a corpse, who thinks RIFT looks like shit? Now maybe there are others out there who agree. That would be great and I'd certainly feel much less lonely. Most of the reviews I've seen, and from the comments in chat, seem to support the idea that RIFT is a nice looking game. What am I missing? I've always though Warhammer was a nice looking game and in comparison RIFT is terrible. I was quite surprised when they made a big deal about upgrading the graphics in WAR shortly after release- I thought they were fine- and was very impressed with the results.

Oh, and there's another thing as well: Seven. That's the number of FPS I am currently getting with RIFT's settings on ultra. That obviously makes the game unplayable, but even so I still think it looks terrible. In comparision to WAR, which I set to 'Oooh Shiny', I get 30-50 FPS so I think we can rule out hardware deficiencies on my end. I've updated the drivers and even on the lowest setting (which makes me want to cry it's so ugly) I'm only boosting it to 15 FPS.That, quite frankly, is a joke.

Obviously that isn't the fault of the designers. Those of us with frame rate problems appear to be in the minority, but even so. The avatars all look the same once they go into action: small, gray, and choppy. So much so that when I'm in Warfronts I have no idea who's tanking, who's healing, and if not for the red names, who's on my side. Rather than moan, and complain, I have submitted feedback regarding some of these issues. I think tiny class icons next to characters in the display would be great, as well as in the summary after the fact. The name doesn't exactly tell me a lot about who did what during the I mean Warfront. Or is it an Alliance Battle? I realize its beta and, believe it or not, I'm trying to be positive (you should see my negative side). I have, after all, just spent around 100 bucks on the game (with sub) so I really do want to like it.

The classes soul-system and the various combinations available are great and may offer some really fun meta-game pvp, but if Warfronts are all we're going to have then I really may start to panic. The quests are so dull that I'm able to eat, drink tea, and play with my dogs while doing them. I don't even bother reading them. Collect, kill, return, rinse, repeat. That, however, may be more to my play style (ie I hate questing) than anything to do with the actual game.

But I digress. Everything about the avatars is choppy and boring. When you zoom in on them, or if you look around at the world, I think the artwork is very nice, but once your avatar goes into motion everything just falls apart. In Warhammer you can almost see the spit flying from the Black Orc's mouth when they are taunting someone. It brilliant. So what's wrong, exactly? Is WoW (graphically) so bad that all these dissafected gamers see RIFT as a step up? Or is it just me?

You look great! But for God Sake, don't move.

I'll never stop finding that name funny.

Ebola: Prettier and more deadly than any of my RIFT avatars.

I see that another long-term Warhammer player and blogger is calling it quits. Another sad day for the game and its community. All the best and we hope to see you again soon.


  1. I've played Rift this weekend and wasn't impressed. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's not for me. And me not hating or liking it usually means it's awfully average.

    I'm not a fan of the art style either. The game did some funky stuff with my graphic card, eventhough it's apparently using the same game engine as WAR.

    You've actually preordered it?

  2. I wish that was all.....I've also chosen the 6-month founders subscription plan :(

    Bottle of Wine + Boring Warhammer session = stupid mistake.

    I'm not usually one to jump on the band wagon so I'll just take this one like a man (sort of, except for all the crying) and consider it lesson learned I guess.

  3. Yeah, I read the post 2 posts below this one and all became clear. The story of you getting tricked by the evil snake (I'm dramatising here, forgive me).

    All is not lost though, at least wait till the game releases before giving in to despair. :)

  4. Despair is never far these days as I search for a new game (in addition, of course, to WAR), but I will hang in there. I'm soon to be upgrading my CPU/Graphics so we'll see if that helps my 'view' of the game :)