Sunday, January 16, 2011

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served........Mit Gank!

So when we last spoke I was being facerolled by a DoK 7 levels my junior and the weekend wasn't looking so good WAR-wise. I'm not usually one to take things lying down- unless of course the activity requires me to lie down and then I'll do it happily.....or it involves sleep, which again, I'll lie down for. Okay, it seems there is a lot I'll lie down for, but in any case I think you know what I mean. I didn't change my build (which I really need to do) but I did remember to equip the rest of my annihilator gear before heading out this time, and was somewhat careful in picking my targets. Result- a cavalcade of kills. Huzzah!

Victim the 1st, a squishy Sorceror.

Whoops! Left this one's name on by mistake.

And another.

And the Sorcerer again..poor squishy thing.

Now I know what your thinking. This all seems very one sided and quite boastful of you, and you're right. I did, of course, suffer some deaths, and by some I mean lots! My victors are free to get their own blog and brag over my corpse- I really won't mind. In the end the same thing happens that happens every night here on Norn. At around 5-6 am GMT a destro guild by the name of The Squishy Squigs log in and take the keep. I bravely defend, and die at least 10 times, and inevitably the keep is lost. All I can do is try to get a few solo-kills and have some fun.

The weekend wasn't a total loss then, and in the end I managed to have some fun. While I'm up on my bragging box and cleaning out the old screen-photo folder I'll leave you with this last photo. If you play Norn you'll know this WE, and why I left her name on the post. To be absolutely honest the credit for this kill should have gone to the WH who is pictured there, as I came along at the end and was just lucky enough to get the killing blow, but what the hell! It's not like I'll ever get a chance to kill her 1v1 :)

Even cheap victories can be savored.

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  1. Haha, I can't imagine Krieb or Jazmina being happy about that. To be frank, I'd rage at you a heaps if you were to add in on my otherwise sweet victory (and as a gutter runner! I loathe those things).

    I heard about that T3 guild by a guildie who play in T3 a bit (I don't, can't stomach the level disparity, feels like I'm a free kill no matter what I do). His comment was that it's a guild of people that can't do well in T4 so they reroll each time they get there in order to roflstomp unorganised opposition in T3. No idea if that's true, but I'll take his word for it. :P