Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rated M For Mature

I don't tend to use 'bad' language in my blog posts as it just seems out of place, and a bit unecessary. In real life I actually swear like a seaman, (although I do know an ex-navy guy who doesn't swear at all, so maybe that's a bit of a myth, like Mermaids or Fair Elections), and I once had someone tell me they had never head anyone use a particular expletive as much, or as casually as I do. It was a proud moment.

It has occurred to me of late that I am not very happy with Warhammer. I am having fun, yes, but overall I just can't help feeling like everytime I log in, Mythic is giving me a big middle finger (or two fingers if you're in the UK). This morning I awoke to remember I had posted this on the topic of Mythic and their recent silence regarding the state of the game:

I logged in to find a Live Event had started so I suppose someone is still alive over there, but that’s hardly a show of good faith. I feel sorry for them, really, as I suppose most of them are just doing their job. The WAR employees who likely read the forums and listen to the players are likely as frustrated as we are. It’s been my experience that in any large-ish company those who make most of the decisions (ie lets not tell the players anything and watch them leave in droves) are not the ones with the greatest understanding of what’s going on. They are usually not the ones to bear the brunt of the customer/client frustration either. 

I’ve stayed out of the whole ‘where are they debate’ and have tried to take a ‘meh’ attitude, but in fairness it’s getting a bit ridiculous. All I can do is vote with my money and unsub. It’s a shame because I still do manage to have some fun, but there are too many games (run by companies who at least pretend to give a shit) that look like they may be fun to.

The ethics of posting responses on other people's blogs after coming in from the pub aside, I do make a point, I think. I have also kind of laid down the gauntlet (for myself) regarding my commitment to Warhammer Online. I don't mind playing a game that has some flaws but I really dislike poor customer service. I do tend to set the bar quite high in that regard but judging by the amount of other WAR bloggers leaving the game I don't think its a case of my incredibly high standards being out of reach for Mythic.

I also really liked Bootaes recent video post: very funny. My video response is not as witty, and definitely not as subtle but I'm in North America now! We're supposed to be a bit more brash 'cause we're so young:) The lyrics don't, or course, relate to gaming, but I think the spirit of the song represents Mythic's current view towards their player base and also encapsulates my own feelings towards them.

Oh, and I've canceled my subscription. I'll be back when Mythic starts 'at least pretending to give a shit' as I said. And that, is my middle finger to them.


  1. I posted that song first (a few months ago)! :P

    The silence worries me, but I'll continue playing WAR until something happens, for the lack of anything better to play I guess. Gonna have another go at Rift, but I doubt I'll enjoy it as much. :<

  2. Did you? lol- I only just heard that song a few days ago on the local radio. We're not exactly 'progressive' here in terms of what's new and hot, I have to say. There really is a bias toward North American entertainers I have found which may be reasonable, but it means we don't hear 'new' stuff on commercial radio/tele out of the UK for ages. Ricky Gervais is currently in 'trouble' for his comments at the golden globes....I don't think America quite understands British humor and the way that no-one is sacred...celebrities, politicians, nothing. I miss that.

    I know what you mean about WAR. I'd like to still play but I'm not in the endgame so my play lately has just been solo ganking in T3. Not worth 15/month imo. Too many games atm to try out :)

  3. Yeah, sometimes you might think the Brits are the stuck-up nation, but actually EU seems to be fairly progressive on the whole, with Americans being the conservative ones. I don't care if anyone is offended by that, it's how it is. :P

    I heard that song on Youtube first, it made it's way on radio much later.

  4. Sorry to hear that you're going Gank - my sub runs out in March - I'm hoping that Mythic manage to turn things around before then.....
    I'm determined to get my value from the EAStore "goodies" I fell for.

  5. I'll be back, I always am. I usually get a few months of fun out of it before I hit a wall, and unsub.

    That said, if any of the new games on the horizon turn out good.....who knows ;)

    And ya, I agree- North America is much more conservative then Europe but we were founded by all the religious nut-bags you guys didn't want so it should be expected :)