Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Quest For Fun

I readily admit I've been adrift, looking for a game which will hold my attention. If you've been following this blog that message will have undoubtedly been coming through loud, and often. On Saturday I was foiled by She Who Will Be Named Later and was left visa-less, and alone. Like some kind of evil super villain I posted my plans on world (visa) domination prior to her leaving and the card went with her (well Mr.Bond, let me explain the genius of my plan so you can shortly foil it).

I therefore turned my attention to the only thing a cashless, restless gamer can do- downloading piles of free-to-play, open beta, and demo games. My mood was not improved throughout the day. I always find this to be a bit frustrating: failed downloads, crashes, and general time wastage. Luckily only the dogs were here to suffer through my rages. The Sultan of Smart (the older, smarter dog), well used to me by now, approaching apprehensively to offer support. The Duchess of Dumb (new lab puppy) seemed unfazed and continued to chew various bits of textiles.

The New Face of Dumb

I decided I was rather like Clark Griswald and my search for a game which would hold my attention was like a quest. A quest for fun. No matter what the cost I was going to have fun, dammit! I debated adding a monthly section to the blog called The Quest For Fun in which I discussed the various games I played, no matter how briefly, and my thoughts on them. I still might do just that, but there will be a slight delay due to the fact that I seem to have hit the jackpot first time out:

World of Tanks

I feel very much like SynCaine did when he proclaimed his blog no more! Goodbye Gankalicious: Confessions of an Online Altoholic, hello All Tanks, All The Time. This is a great game, apparently designed with me in mind. The beta just went open yesterday, and I'm too excited to care if there is an NDA in place. I'm not going to devote a lot of time to it, in any case, because I have to go and play it again. Time is short, my virtual friends, there is no time to waste.

I first heard about this game a few days ago when I was listening to Kiasa's podcast (#8 I think, and for the love of god if you haven't heard these guys yet, go listen! "I found Pong to be a bit grindy, and the character's were rubbish" lol....they are brilliant). I regularly read MMORPG (but not regularly enough to see the bloody Earthrise Beta giveaway in time unfortunately) and saw the World of Tanks open beta notice. I added it to the long list of games downloading in the que and forgot about it. I finally got around to it fairly late and after the mysterious disappearance of a bottle of wine that I had opened earlier. Hmmmmm, can you be arrested for driving a virtual tank while intoxicated? Probably.

The point I'd like to make is that with a hard-drive brimming full of games (both tried and untried), and access to more than a few online games (including the Alpha testing of a much-hyped theme park MMO soon to be released) all I wanted to do was run around (very slowly) in a small, underpowered, under-armored Russian tank and get blown up. A lot.

I even tried the Germans. Boy they used to be great, didn't they? Whatever happened with all that world domination stuff anyway?

Victory: Me! Huzzah!

How I spent most of the night.

This became very familiar.

I'm going to abandon all efforts at prose and go bullet point here to wrap this up as I need to stop focusing on anything real for a little while (did I mention that whoever stole that bottle of wine also took three bottles of beer from me as well) and get some kind of meat-based sandwich into me- Bacon Buttie, Great Mother of us all, is there nothing you can't cure?

This game is ideal for me because:

  • Its free to play with a cash-store which means I can buy my way to the top (I have more money than both time and sense so I am not ashamed of this).
  • Its all pvp, all the time. No quests, no pve, no running back and forth at the behest of some ridiculous NPC who can't be bothered to go and collect his own f*****g mushrooms.
  • When your tank becomes a steaming pile of wreckage on the battlefield you can grab a spare and jump into another battle- No waiting!
  • It looks nice.
  • It plays nice.
  • It's got tanks
Get in!


  1. Alright, the very second I have an MMO lull I'm going to check this out. Thanks for the writeup!

  2. No worries...expect more to come :) It's still beta so some options aren't yet ready but its fully playable and great fun.

  3. Heyo!

    I was looking into World of Tanks actually when I saw your post. Hahahaa. Maybe I'll see you on the battlefield. :D

    Btw, tried commenting through OpenID, but it said my credentials couldn't be verified. :(

  4. Hey,

    If your looking for something you can just jump in and out of, I highly recommend it. Good fun, blowing stuff worries about healing :)

    Artillery seems to be the QQ topic about being overpowered. I've managed to score a few kills because you just sit back and when the scouts find the enemy you fire! Problem is flankers will hunt you down and blast you quick.

    Not sure about the OpenID...haven't used it myself.